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Review - Mario Golf Toadstool Tour
8/26/03 7:25pm by GamersLogik | 0 comments
Mario Golf, or is it Hot Shots with Nintendo characters? At any rate, the multi-lateral Mario returns in yet another golf game, showing off his never-ending supply of stamina and skills (does this plumber do it all or what?). This ..more

SoBig.F Slows, but Leaves its Mark
8/24/03 6:32am by aostrow | 0 comments
After triggering millions of e-mails and nearly launching a successful data attack, the SoBig.F e-mail virus appears to have finally slowed this weekend. The virus, launched on Monday (8/18) had infected more than 100,000 people ..more

Verisign Found Negligent in Sex.com Domain Case
8/20/03 5:38pm by aostrow | 0 comments
In a case that has weaved its way through the courts since 1995, an appeals court found VeriSign liable for transfering the Sex.com domain name to an unauthorized individual. Although a court had earlier ruled that Gary Kremen, w ..more

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