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mrbill @ February 20, 2004 | Discuss

Sun introduced the Software Express program to provide customers with prerelease software on a regularly scheduled basis. This is especially useful for software developers who must port their applications to Solaris Express and for system administrators who support such environments. The Software Express program is also beneficial to early adopters who wish to examine and test system functionality and new features.

Click on the URL below to learn how the program works, and many more features, including using the Community web site, what's new in Solaris Express, installation, upgrades and more.



mrbill @ February 18, 2004 | Discuss

Sun today announced the second phase of the Technology Preview for its much anticipated Sun Java[tm] Studio Creator, code named "Project Rave." The product brings together the power of the Java platform with a simplified development model to provide a streamlined, highly productive working environment.


mrbill @ February 18, 2004 | Discuss

New data protection laws seem to emerge daily, while penalties for non-compliance increase just as rapidly. Join Michelle Dennedy, Sun's Chief Privacy Officer, as she explores the changing landscape with Bill Malik, Chief Technical Officer and Evangelist for Identity Management. They'll outline risk mitigation strategies and present cost effective data privacy technologies that simplify compliance.

Attendees will receive a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal Online. Exclusively for those who register and attend this event.

DATE: Wednesday, February 25, 2004
TIME: 9-10am PT/12-1pm ET
Register now: http://www.sun.com/nettalk


mrbill @ February 17, 2004 | Discuss

Join the Jini Community (TM) meeting in Cambridge, Mass from March 23-25, 2004. You'll find in-depth presentations, technical discussions, debates, and collaborations with highly knowledgeable members of the Jini Community, at no cost to the attendee.

Register now: http://www.jini.org/meetings/seventh/registration/index.html


benr @ February 16, 2004 | Discuss

The press is starting to take notice of the next release of Solaris. The Register put up a piece overviewing some of the highlights on the next release today. eCommerce Times has a piece, so does CRN. Looks like this release is going to get alot more PR than previous releases, especially with all the IP questions that make releasing any UNIX OS look like a bold move, at least to the mainstream press.


mikelist @ February 13, 2004 | Discuss

According to this News.Com article, Sun's Java ID card will soon be available for PCs, currently the card is used mainly for mobile phones.


mrbill @ February 13, 2004 | Discuss

NextCom has released the NextBook 260, a server and high performance workstation in a Notebook package for Linux and Solaris users. Pre-installed Operating environments include Red Hat Linux as well as Sun Microsystems' Java Desktop System or Solaris 9 x86. Complete systems are priced starting at $2,175.


mikelist @ February 12, 2004 | Discuss

The Register gives brief details on Sun UltraSPARC IV+ processor, which includes new high-speed cache memory, and supposedly doubles the performance of its predecessor, the recently released UltraSPARC IV.