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Tuesday, 14 October, 2003

Herd Mentality

Goodness me, it seems self-expression isn't a popular personal trait among bloggers in the Oz-sphere. My expressions of distain at the media beat-ups of the Bali commemoration ceremonies over the weekend weren't appreciated by some, but judging by the origin of the comments and trackbacks, that's neither surprising nor of any concern to me. Once again, as I've identified previously, this is all redolent of the most basic of animal instincts, the herd mentality. One dog barks, all dogs bark. By the time the third dog barks, the first has stopped, but on they go, neither knowing, nor caring why. The media in this country, print and televisual, are primarily responsible, being the first dog to bark. T`would be nice to think that the blogosphere is a little more discerning than the bulk media, but alas, it seems not to be the way.

Let's get a little perspective on the whole issue, shall we? As I have already declared, Bali was a despicable occurrence, however, by it's very nature, it has already happened. Wailing, moaning , gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair will neither change the state of events, nor assuage the grief of those who are really affected by the event. As a collective society, we need to be supportive, and to each their own in their own way, but don't expect me to be like you, if wailing, keening and self-flagellation are your way of sharing grief. It ain't mine and never will be. Publicly berating individuals for their individuality or perceived lack of social character simply on the basis of that individuality screams out of certain undesirable facets of a political ideology I sharn't go into here. Suffice to say, it's not representative of a logical, rational mindset.

Will I die of cancer? Maybe. Will I enjoy motorsport? Definately. Will I get upset everytime someone I don't know dies? Highly unlikely. Get over it you lot. Grow up. The world is a happening place and nothing you do, say or think after the fact can ever stop it from happening.

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