Hearth Money Rolls 1665

First Name
Townland as Shown
Townland Equivalent Today
Demston John Rosheny Rashenny  
Duff Henry Lagacurry Lagacurry  
Lening Arthur Ballyhiffin Ballyliffin Nicole May
M'Aleny Shan Strade Straid  
M'Aleny Torlagh Strade Straid  
M'Allin Edmund Lagacurry Lagacurry  
M'Avenny Neale Crossconnell Crossconnell  
M'Brehound Torlagh Rusky Roosky  
M'Cany Phelomy Rusky Roosky  
M'Clafferty Donell Fegurt Fegart  
M'Cole Donnagh Tullinebratly Tullynabratilly  
M'Colgan Shan Lenan Lenan  
M'Coll Bryan Anagh Annagh  
M'Colnell Owen Rosheny Rashenny  
M'Congill Shan Lagacurry Lagacurry  
M'Creenan Neece Ballym'Murty Ballymacmoriarty  
M'Ginnery Donnell Dongelin Dungellan  
M'Jeffrey Owen Donally Dunally*  
M'Kilceny Bryan Letter Letter  
M'Kilceny Neale Letter Letter  
O'Barran Edmund Tullinebratly Tullynabratilly  
O'Boy Donell Monclonie Cloontagh  
O'Brillaghan Hugh Donally Dunally*  
O'Conioghan Torlogh Monclonie Cloontagh  
O'Connallan Owen Ballymagehin Straths/Magheranaul  
O'Connoghan Hugh Monclonie Cloontagh  
O'Crumrisk William Donally Dunally*  
O'Devany Bryan Letter Letter  
O'Devany Henry Letter Letter  
O'Diver Shan Strade Straid  
O'Diver Tooll Strade Straid  
O'Diver Torlagh Donally Dunally*  
O'Diver Torlagh Strade Straid  
O'Dogherty Arthur Anagh Annagh  
O'Dogherty Conn Inchmenagh Urrismenagh  
O'Dogherty Garrell Lagacurry Lagacurry  
O'Dogherty Neale Crossconnell Crossconnell  
O'Dogherty Owen Dongelin Dungellan  
O'Dogherty Shan Anagh Annagh  
O'Dogherty Torlagh Ballyhiffin Ballyliffin  
O'Dogherty Torlagh Ballym'Murty Ballymacmoriarty  
O'Dogherty Wm Ballymagehin Straths/Magheranaul  
O'Donell Conn Fegurt Fegart  
O'Donell Erevan Anagh Annagh  
O'Donell Torlagh Strade Straid  
O'Donnell Phelomy Inchmenagh Urrismenagh  
O'Dougherty ..... Monclonie Cloontagh  
O'Dougherty Bryan Carowreagh Carrowreagh or Craignacally  
O'Dougherty Bryan Dongelin Dungellan  
O'Dougherty Bryan Lagacurry Lagacurry  
O'Dougherty Donell Carowreagh Carrowreagh or Craignacally  
O'Dougherty Donnagh Ballyhiffin Ballyliffin  
O'Dougherty Donnagh Ballym'Murty Ballymacmoriarty  
O'Dougherty Edmund Carowreagh Carrowreagh or Craignacally  
O'Dougherty Manus Strade Straid Nicole May
O'Dougherty Neale Carowreagh Carrowreagh or Craignacally  
O'Dougherty Neale Rosheny Rashenny  
O'Dougherty Roory Inchmenagh Urrismenagh  
O'Dougherty Shan Carickbracky Carrickabraghy  
O'Dougherty Shan Dongelin Dungellan  
O'Dougherty Shan Letter Letter  
O'Dougherty Shan Ballymagehin Straths/Magheranaul  
O'Dougherty Tomlin Fegurt Fegart  
O'Dougherty Tooll Carickbracky Carrickabraghy  
O'Dougherty Torlagh Dunaff Dunaff  
O'Doulaghan Connor Rusky Roosky  
O'Gallogher Hugh Monclonie Cloontagh  
O'Gobbon ..... Donally Dunally*  
O'Gobbon Bryan Rosmagh Kinnea/Tullagh  
O'Gobbon Donnagh Dunaff Dunaff  
O'Hargan Cahell Strade Straid  
O'Hartan ..... Donally Dunally*  
O'Hartan Bryan Rosmagh Kinnea/Tullagh  
O'Hartan Hugh Donally Dunally*  
O'Hartan Richard Rosmagh Kinnea/Tullagh  
O'Last Donell Inchmenagh Urrismenagh  
O'Lunshaghan James Strade Straid  
O'Lunshaghan Tegg Rosmagh Kinnea/Tullagh  
O'Lunshaghan William Donally Dunally*  
O'Mony Connogher Rusky Roosky  
O'Morison Donell Donally Dunally*  
O'Moughan Shan Lenan Lenan  
O'Moughan Torlagh Lenan Lenan  
O'Moughen Donell Lenan Lenan  
O'Mouney Shan Tullinebratly Tullynabratilly  
O'Murrey Connor Dunaff Dunaff  
O'Murrey Manus Dunaff Dunaff  
O'Quigley Donnagh Strade Straid  
O'Roddan Aghferkagh Rusky Roosky  
O'Roddy Neale Rusky Roosky  
O'Rody Hugh Rusky Roosky  
O'Sheale James Cleagh Cleagh  
O'Sheale Torlagh Cleagh Cleagh  
O'Toolan Roory Tullinebratly Tullynabratilly Ron Twolan -
O'Toolan Shan Rosheny Rashenny Ron Twolan -
O'Toolan Shan Rosheny Rashenny Ron Twolan -
O'Twolan Hugh Anagh Annagh Ron Twolan -
Ritchey David Carickbracky Carrickabraghy  

*Dunally is an old townland that comprises the modern townlands of Adderville, Binnion, Gaddyduff & Meendoran.