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N64 / Review / Conkerís Bad Fur Day
Conkerís Bad Fur Day
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Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Mature - Learn more about this rating
Graphics: 5.0
Control: 5.0

1 of 30 screens
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Review by: Star Dingo
Posted: 03/05/01
By now, everyone knows that Conkerís Bad Fur Day nabbed a Mature rating from the ERSB - and for good reason. But donít think all the poop jokes and potty-mouthed blathering is there just for the hell of it Ė thereís sublime satirical genius at work here. Youíll bounce around from weird-ass situation to weirder-ass situation, meeting one deliriously bizarre character after another, from a corn-loving heap of dung with a love of opera to a swarm of pacifist bees to a Grim Reaper with a height complex and strong distaste for cats.

With attention so sharply focused on Conkerís M rating, itís pretty easy to lose sight of the fact that this is actually an astoundingly good game. Conker, unlike some previous Rare 3D titles, provides just one character, one mostly linear quest, and only one simple item to strive for : cash. Rare has repealed the longevity-through-repetition approach to gameplay in exchange for a constant flow of wildly diverse experiences. Itís a brilliantly bizarre, insanely fun 3D-platformer extraordinaire, and a wonderfully ironic swan song for the N64.

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