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1/23/04 4:00:00 PM ET

Lieberman denounces 'Grand Theft Auto' video game
Reuters, 01.25.04, 6:19 PM ET


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Leisure Industry  Leisure and Tourism 
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HANOVER, N.H. (Reuters) - Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph Lieberman, who led the fight in Congress against excessive sex and violence in the entertainment industry, denounced a top-selling video game Sunday.

The Connecticut senator called the game, "Grand Theft Auto," "horrendous" and said its maker, New York-based Rockstar Games Inc., ought to be more responsible.

"Video games have gotten better over time," Lieberman said during a women's forum at Dartmouth College sponsored by Lifetime Television. "But there's a couple out there that are horrendous."

"You ought to see one called "Grand Theft Auto," he said. "The player is rewarded for attacking a woman, pushing her to the ground, kicking her repeatedly and then ultimately killing her, shooting her over and over again."

"I call on the entertainment companies -- they've got a right to do that, but they have a responsibility not to do it if we want to raise the next generation of our sons to treat women with respect."

The award-winning video game, which isn't intended for anyone under 17 years of age, has sold more than 10 million copies. Rockstar Games is the publishing division ot Take-Two Interactive Software.

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