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Schoolboys and Schoolgirls
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Tich and Quackers

Era – 1960s

Ventriloquist ray allen (also responsible for Lord Charles) always seemed to be very patient in his shows with scruffy (and very naughty) boy tich, and vociferous (and even naughtier) duck quackers.


Era - 1950s

One of the most interesting aspects of 'Whacko' from the perspective of today is the way that corporal punishment is accepted as a normal aspect of school life, which as often as not has its funny side. To begin with, there is the programme's title, derived from the schoolboy slang for a caning. The headmaster is seldom without his cane as he walks about the school premises and he is only too happy to use it.

Billy Bunter

Tom Brown from Rugby School

Saint Trinians

Maidens of St Trinians
Gird your armour on
Grab the nearest weapon
Never mind which one!
The battles to the strongest
Might is always right
Trample on the weakest
Glory in their plight
St. Trinians! St Trinians!
Our battle cry.
St Trinians! St. Trinians!
Will never die.
Stride toward your fortune
Boldly on your way
Never once forgetting
There's one born each day
Let our motto be broadcast
'Get your blow in first'
She who draws the sword last
Always comes off worse.
St. Trinians! St. Trinians
Our battle cry.
St. Trinians! St. Trinians!
Will never die!

Just William

Richard Crompton's William Brown is the one of the two most famous schoolboy in English literature. (The other of course is Jennings, a literary character familiar to the next generation of English school boys.) William is often referred to as "Just William" after the title of the first book introducing him to the British public who quickly fell in love with him. The 11-year old school boy soon came to represent the archetype British schoolboy, inquiring, adventurous, and constantly wanting to launch another, usually illconceived, outdoor adventure

Jimmy Clitheroe

Jennings and Darbishire

Harry Potter - the greatest of British schoolboys

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