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Workshop Descriptions

United for a Fair Economy brings lively, energizing workshops on economic inequality to conferences, colleges and non-profits across the US. We start with people's own experiences to build a common-sense understanding of the changing economy.

Currently Available UFE Workshops

The Growing Divide
The highly acclaimed workshop that over 35,000 people have participated in nationwide. Reviews recent changes in income and wealth distribution and examines the rule changes that have fueled inequality. Lays out a range of strategic initiatives and specific and immediate steps we can take to reverse the growing gap between the rich and everyone else. More info...

War and the Economy Workshop
War & the Economy – Too Many Guns, Not Enough Butter is an interactive workshop about economic inequality, not about the morality of war & militarism. The U.S. economy is increasingly focused on expanding the military. This expansion intensifies the cycle of concentrated wealth and concentrated power, drains resources from social spending, and thereby worsens economic security for most Americans. More info...

The Massachusetts Budget Crisis: Who Hurts, Who Pays?
This 1-hour, interactive workshop reviews the Massachusetts budget and the current crisis, considers how the worsening budget crisis has impacted our life and the lives of people we know, demonstrates that unwise tax cuts in the 1990s was a major cause of the current budget crisis, and explores opportunities to advocate for restoring the income tax and closing corporate tax loopholes as crucial ways to raise revenue to deal with the budget shortfall. More info...

Globalization for Beginners
What is globalization? How does it affect us? Who's winning, who's losing, and who's making the rules? What are the IMF, World Bank, and WTO? How can people around the world assert democratic control over the global economy? More info...

FTAA for Beginners
Updated in July 2003, this two-hour popular education workshop looks at the rules and the rulers of the global economy. It uses people's own experience of NAFTA and globalization as a starting point, then moves to the institutions that are shaping the global economy. NAFTA case studies from Mexico, the US, and Canada point to the emerging targets of new trade agreements — public services, environmental protections, and worker rights. The workshop ends with the November 2003 anti-FTAA protests and other ways to create a Fair Trade Area of the Americas
. More info....

Creative Action Workshop
A two-hour workshop for labor, community, and general activists. Teaches you how to organize a Creative Action and spice up rallies, political events, conferences, or attract media. When you get creative you are opening up your campaign to new ways to communicate your issue, reach a broader audience, interest the media, and keep your constituents involved. More info...

Fair Taxes for All
An interactive 60-90 minute workshop that reviews the 2001 Bush tax cut, explores the impact of this and other tax law changes on our families and communities, and exposes the political and social agenda driving the new and proposed tax rules. The workshop also provides participants with opportunities to suggest strategies and specific steps for both defensive and proactive efforts for fair taxation. More info...

The Racial Wealth Divide
A closer look at wealth distribution in the U.S., particularly along racial lines. Explores the history of asset accumulation in the 19th and 20th centuries through participants' collective family histories, and reviews the role of government in this process. Examines historical and present-day barriers to asset accumulation, and reviews proposed policy interventions for households left off the asset-building train.

Challenging Corporate Rule
Examines the history of corporations in the U.S. and their growing power and rights. Looks at ways in which corporate power affects our everyday lives and challenges our democracy. Reviews strategies for re-thinking corporations and reining in their excesses.

Why the Economy Isn't Working for Workers
Focuses on the stagnant wages, heightened job insecurity, exploding health care costs, weakened pension protections, and longer hours that continue to impact the American workforce. Highlights the abandonment of the social contract between Big Business and organized labor and the steps that a re-energized labor movement could take to renew that contract.

The Real Threat to Family Values
Reframes the current emphasis on "family values" by looking at the broad diversity of families in the U.S. and at what truly makes us secure. Takes a critical look at the economic forces that threaten the security of our families and what we can do about it.

High Pay, Low Pay, Fair Pay!
A highly interactive workshop for youth that looks at recent trends in income, engages participants in a role play to explore the factors and values that should determine wages, and reviews action steps to address economic inequality.

Putting Your Values into Action - A Religious Response to Growing Inequality
Examines the profound effect the economy has on our civic, political, moral, and family life; and explores strategies that faith-based communities can use for undoing economic inequality. This workshop tests the rules and powers that drive our economy against the weight and teachings of religious traditions.

Making Sense of the Recession
What is a recession? What pushed us into this recession? How do we get out of it (and how don’t we)? What can working people expect in coming months? Who are our allies and what can we do? This workshop will help you develop your own answers to these questions and provide tools for talking with other people.