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    NEW:  Kites Over Pismo Photos!

    We're BACK!!!
    (well sort of ;-)

    After 9 months of being unavailable, Trick The Wind is back and ready to start adding more photos and specialized kite instruction!

    Yes, some features are not yet available but we are working on it!

    Here's a short QuicktTme video of me tricking Utopia in 0-2MPH winds to wet your appetite!

    Some of what you will see here soon...
  • Tips on light wind & finesse flying
  • Rebridling tips
  • Links to some of our favorite web sites
  • more...
  • Welcome! This site grew out of a desire to share our love of kite flying in all it's diverse forms and styles. 

    We have written many articles about kite flying over the years as well as taking many photographs and making unique illustrations that we thought you might enjoy.

    Rather than let these become lost in cyberspace, we have created this site to archive and share this information with you.

    Hot New Kite!!!

    Mark & Brian's Train Kiteflying in the new Millennium

    Materials technology and advanced kite / bridle designs have radically changed the face of sport kiting. 

    We hope to give you information about how you can use these advances to improve your existing kites performance as well as inspire you to build new designs of your own.

    Joel Scholz LE Wasp

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