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This website uses scientific fact and statistics to give a factual and truthful understanding of what abortion is. We also feature other abortion related materials and a help guide for a pregnant woman. You will find no clean-cut answers & I offer no solution to abortion, but only truths & honesty. We've stopped trying to avoid taking sides and saying we're unbiased, it's gotten in the way of spreading the truth. What we give here is just the truth about abortion, and the truth itself speaks in the form of accurate facts and statistics, testimonies, and pictures. Listen, you've been given only what you(the public) want to hear and what the pro-abortion wants you to know(msiconstrued facts, empty rhetorics). You can believe us, know the truth and think for yourself, or you can believe the misconstrued facts and the rhetorics that have been given to you and deny the truth. Please note that this website is incomplete, and this is my hobby not job, I put up the information when I can. I don't use violence in expressing my opinion, nor do I encourage others to do so.
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