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- Colwell

- Huskilson

- MacKinnon

- Cosman

- MacAskill

- Lorraine

- Gaudet

- Harrison

- Smith

- MacDonald

- Downe

- MacLellan

Who's who in the new crew
The provincial cabinet sworn in Wednesday:

Russell MacLellan: premier, intergovernmental affairs.

Don Downe: deputy premier, finance, environment, minister responsible for aboriginal affairs.

Manning MacDonald: economic development and tourism, chairman of the Priorities and Planning Secretariat, minister responsible for Sysco.

Jim Smith: justice, health.

Robbie Harrison: education and culture, sport and recreation.

Wayne Gaudet: housing and municipal affairs, human resources, minister responsible for Acadian affairs.

Ed Lorraine: agriculture and marketing.

Ken MacAskill: natural resources.

Francene Cosman: community services, minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Russell MacKinnon: labor.

Clifford Huskilson: transportation and public works.

Keith Colwell: fisheries and aquaculture, business and consumer services.

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