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Dennis Rainey on the new Today's New International Version (TNIV) Bible

For more than 31 years I have taught that we are to submit to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture. Every Word of Scripture was given to us to influence and change us. Now it seems that the very culture that we should be speaking to is influencing how we translate the Bible. With the release of the TNIV, we have perhaps the most prominent example of a willingness to do more than simply translate words from one language to another. Words do have meaning. Certainly the words that God has spoken have a meaning that should not be tampered with, no matter how strong the cultural winds blow. In it’s effort to be relevant, the TNIV has become the latest example of a willingness on the part of translators to, in my opinion, bend to those cultural winds. As a result, the TNIV is not, in my judgment, a trustworthy translation of God’s Word. 

Additionally, I find it worth noting that much of the supposed need for the Bible to be translated with “inclusive language” comes at the beckoning call of the politically correct movement and of feminists. Over the past thirty years feminism has inflicted serious damage to marriages and families. Feminism has undermined the most noble of all professions and pursuits for a woman: motherhood. It has promoted selfishness and self-fulfillment of women at the expense of children, marriages and families. That a Bible translation would in any way attempt to support feminism’s godless view of life by accommodating it’s language is beyond my wildest imagination. 

Finally, I am troubled that leaders of the TNIV signed a covenant in 1997 assuring us that gender inclusive translation would NOT be pursued. They gave us their word. Five years later, I received a letter “informing me” of their intent to break their covenant. Two days later a published TNIV New Testament showed up on my desk. I have personally called leaders asking how they could justify breaking their “word” to not pursue the publishing of this gender neutral Bible. They had no response. One replied, “What do you want me to do?” To which I replied, “Keep your word. Stop the presses and let’s talk.” He had no response. If the Christian community is to be a trustworthy community, then I believe we must start with our promises. Those who are behind the publication of the TNIV have broken their word that they would NOT publish this Bible. Can such a Bible be that good! 

Dennis Rainey 
Executive Director

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