Every year, cartoonist Peej renders a logo that is used for the SentiCon badges and T-shirts.  This tradition started in 2000 with SentiCon 2 and featured Jim and Blair of The Sentinel surrounded by provisions in preparation for the whole "Y2K" chaos that never happened. 

The following year, SentiCon 3-D, she paid tribute to those old B-movies and drew a giant alligator (which appeared in an episode of
The Sentinel) attacking the city of Cascade a la Godzilla, with Jim and Blair on the run. 

SentiCon 4 saw a change in the art as we opened the con to welcome more fandoms: Jim and Blair (who will always appear in the logo to honor the fandom that started this con) were joined by characters from
Due South, SG-1, and The Invisible Man in a kind of "summer camp" theme.

In 2003, Peej took on a greater challenge by incorporating several of the current most popular fandoms.  SentiCon 5: The Sleepover featured the guys from
Due South, SG-1, and I-Man, Clark and Lex from Smallville, Starsky and Hutch, Illya and Napoleon from The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and the four hobbits from The Lord of the Rings trilogy in addition to Jim and Blair.  All characters were drawn dressed in pajamas and ready for a big slumber party.

For SentiCon 6, Peej promises to depict all the characters dressed up as a pirate crew.  Who she'll include in the piece is a mystery at this point, but we're sure it'll be as fun as the logos from SentiCons past, and make for a great T-shirt that our members will be pleased to wear!

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