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They have been called a group of destiny, destined for stardom and success, but more importantly destined to make a strong impact on Hip-Hop culture as a whole. The story of the Virus begins with Merciless Stylz born Douglas Jones in Los Angeles, California on March 5, 1981. A student of the history of Hip-Hop, Merciless Stylz began writing and crafting his emceeing skills at a very young age. As a result of his witty intellect that will define his career, Stylz began to make a name for himself around LA hip-hop circles.

Years of battling and performing began to cultivate the man who will be seen as the Langston Hughes of Hip-Hop. In the Summer of 2000, Stylz took a trip with cousin Kipper Jones who was relocating to Texas. The trip could change Hip-Hop forever.

Born Kedrian McPhearson in October of 1976 in Merced, CA, Versatile has been rhyming since the age of 12. Raised in South Carolina, Indian, California, as well as Texas, Versatile is the product of a Gumbo mesh of Hip-Hop influences

As a result of the carious influences, Versatile has been described as the Total MC, with an AK 47 like lyrical delivery. Dallas, Texas is where Versatile really began to polish his emceeing, performing and battling around the city. It was in the Summer of 2000 where these two Hip-Hop giants crossed paths and put the groundwork together for what would become the Virus. Stylz and Versatile began to work furiously in the studio together, supplied by beats via airmail by J. Wells for LA, creating a body of songs that would soon take many in the industry by storm. As a result of the tremendous work, The Virus was signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2001 after less than 6 months of working together. The Virus is now poised to take the industry by storm on their own terms. Set to release their first album "Outbreak" independently on Wolfpac Records, The Virus is ready to infect radio stations, record stores and the hearts of Hip-Hop fans alike. Get ready and find your quarantine, The Virus is coming..........

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