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15 Minute Security Guide: SSH added 02/01/04
web hacking walkthrough (doc) added 09/22/03
Attack/Defend 1: DCOM, WebDAV, TTYPROMPT added 08/14/03
Attack Scenarios: Hackers in Action added 07/21/03
rs_iis2.c - webdav exploit added 04/10/03

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 Watching the Watchers: Hacking with Google 04.01.02 (1146 hits) [...]
 Attack Scenarios: Hackers in Action 07.21.03 (868 hits) [...]
 web hacking walkthrough (doc) 09.22.03 (703 hits) [...]
 Hacker Methodologies 08.09.02 (503 hits) [...]
 Advanced ICMP Techniques 11.15.02 (478 hits) [...]

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·  "Who is this johnny guy?"
·  "What's here?"
·  "What is this googledorks thing?"

·  "Who is this johnny guy?"

Well, for starters, I'm about more than just work. This page really isn't. (Un?)Fortunately, I get paid for one of my hobbies - Network Security. It's a great game that I played as a kid, and now it pays the bills.

Along the way, I gathered enough knowledge to make me fairly proficient at my job. I lost a hobby, but in exchange I travelled the world, I started the Strikeforce team, I got to be in on the ground floor of some great projects, I got to work with good friends and through all that I managed not to estrange my family... All things said, I've had a great run with that old hobby.

These days, I find myself doing security research. I write papers and do technical presentations which I make available here. I get involved in "real" security work every now and again, but mostly I still just "hack stuff".

I find myself to be in an interesting place as both a hacker and a follower of Jesus. I "inherited" Christianity from my parents, but it didn't become real to me until very recently. The question of what to do with this interesting combination is still something I'm working on, but I do know that God has a purpose for my life and I'm committed to discovering and serving that purpose to the best of my abilities.

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·  "What's here?"

Honestly, more than I can iterate very quickly, however, here are some highlights:

My downloads section is where all my papers, presentations and tools end up. Registered users only.

My googledorks section! This is where I list all the very scary and very insecure things I've found with Google. I wrote a few presentations on the subject. These things are in my Downloads section.

My photo gallery has a bit in the way of personal photos, but also a rather large selection of the graphics I created myself. I get good reviews, but remember... I'm not a artist! =)

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·  "What is this googledorks thing?"

I came up with the term googledork to describe people (dorks) who somehow managed to get sensitive information on their web pages crawled by Google. This information runs the gamut from technical details about their sites such as software running or server versions all the way up to credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and even some data I'm not at liberty to discuss. Since the Washington Post article in February of 2004, the term googledork came to be known as those people interested in _finding_ these pages in Google.

I hereby authorize the use of the term in either context! =)

Anyway, I find the topic so interesting that I've dedicated a portion of my web page (and a fair amount of my spare time) to keeping a running record of the Google queries that will find these interesting Google pages, hence my googledorks section.

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