Amphibious Warfare: Nineteenth Century

1801 British make successful assault landing against the French at Aboukir Bay, Egypt
1814 British land in Maryland, capture and burn Washington, D.C.
1814-15 British amphibious campaign near New Orleans is defeated by General Andrew Jackson
1847 U.S. forces make landing near Vera Cruz during war with Mexico
1854 Crimean expeditionary operations

Anglo-French force lands in Baltic

1861 Union executes landings at Hatteras Inlet

Ambrose Burnside's Amphibious Division (US) lands in North Carolina sound and at Fort Macon

Union troops make assault crossing of Rappahannock River to seize bridgehead

1863 Union landing near Charleston, SC
1864 Union landing at Mobile Bay takes Fort Morgan
1865 Second expedition to Wilmington, NC captures Fort Fisher
1871 Korean Expedition
1873 U.S. landing in Panama 1882

British land in Egypt near Alexandria

1885 U.S. lands in Panama
1894 Japan invades Korea during Sino-Japanese War
1898 U.S. landing at Guantanamo Bay during War with Spain
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