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9:00am ET, 5-September-03

 Everhart Plays With Bugs

Angie Everhart, who stars in the SCI FI Channel's upcoming original picture Bugs, told SCI FI Wire that she plays an entomologist trying to save the world. "My character has a knowledge of certain species, and Antonio Sabato Jr. [SCI FI Pictures' Mindstorm] plays a [civil engineer] who brings me over a sample of something that was found on a body discovered down in a tunnel. I analyze the substance and find that it's from a scorpion-ish type of bug, but it couldn't be that, because the enzymes in it are off the charts."

Everhart (Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood) added, "The curious cat my character is, I want to go and find out what this creature is, because if it is what I think it is, we're dealing with a scorpion the size of an elephant that eats human beings and rips them in half. So the movie is about trying to discover what these bugs are and then, once we're trapped in the tunnel, it's about trying to get out, trying not to get eaten and using my familiarity with the bug world [to help them escape]."

Everhart revealed that no real bugs were used in the film. Instead, there were a few plastic creatures on set, while the rest were realized using computer animation. "Thank God there were no real bugs," Everhart said. "We had [fake] bug legs, arms and heads around, and one full bug in total. Even though my character likes bugs, I can't stand them. I see a spider and go 'Ewwww!' But I can't kill them. I can deal with snakes. I can deal with mice. I can deal with anything like that. But when it comes to bugs, I can't deal. It was almost all special effects. We did not act to one single bug. We were shown, on a computer, what the bugs were going to look like, so we used our imaginations."

Everhart may not like bugs, but she likes Bugs. "I think it looks great," she said. "I was surprised. We were working under such horrible conditions. We were in Toronto, in the middle of the winter. It was 30 below outside, and we were working in this huge factory that could not be heated. So we were freezing to death. I kept looking at the film, going, 'It doesn't look like we're cold. It doesn't look like we were absolutely miserable.'" Bugs premieres Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and repeats at 1 a.m.

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