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Art Ex Libris card image
Book Art logo
Image and logo from postcard for "Art Ex Libris" show at Artspace.
"Art Ex Libris"
An International Book Art Invitational

February 10 - March 20, 1994
Entire Gallery

Curated by Artspace book artist and printmaker Mitzi Humphrey.

Over 100 artists' books from around the world showcased at Artspace in Richmond, Virginia for two months in 1994.

Opening Reception

visitors at the reception for Art Ex LibrisOn the right is previous member Ed Franz at the reception for the "Art Ex Libris" at Artspace.
Ed was a member of Artspace and curated several excellent shows, including "Droit de Regarde" and "Mask."
visitors at the reception for Art Ex LibrisRosemary Witt, Margaret Broaddus, and Nancy Summers at the reception for the Book Art Show at Artspace.

visitors at the reception for Art Ex LibrisMartha Mabey, Al and Margaret Broaddus at the reception for the Book Art Show at Artspace.

Show reviews:

  • "Getting a Good Read on books as fine art" by CeCe Bullard, Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 1994.
  • "Art Notes: Art ex Libris now available on videotape" by CeCe Bullard, Richmond Times-Dispatch 1995.
  • "Exhibitions: Art ex Libris," Koob Stra: The Occasional Update from Center for the Book Arts, Number 6, Winter 1994
  • "By the book: This art goes beyond words to touch the reverent reader" by Sibella Connor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 11, 1994.
  • "Pagination Imagination: Artspace explores the form and function of books" by Paulette Roberts-Pullen, Style Weekly, March 1994.

    Related Outreach Events:

    Art Ex Libris Book Art Forum (in conjunction with the international book art show curated by Mitzi Humphrey at Artspace Gallery.

  • Friday, March 4, 7-9 pm -- Keynote Speakers:
    Isota Epes -- "How Virginia Woolf Brought Me Up"
    Dr. Clifford Edwards -- "Books as Icons in the Paintings of Van Gogh"
  • Saturday, March 5, 10am - 12pm -- Speakers on "Comic Book Art and Cartooning": Jeanne Boomhower, Jennifer Yane and Richard Dawson; also a look at the art of Helmut Eppich and Joni Mabe
  • Saturday, March 5, 1 - 4 p.m. --
    Anne Iott -- "The Artist and the Book"
    Betsy Pittman -- "Book Art in VCU's Cabell Library Rare Book Collection"
    John Field -- "The Artist/Bookbinder"
    Davi Det Hompson
    Davi Det Hompson
    "Art ex Libris Video: The Book Art Invitational at Artspace":
    A 62-minute video documentary of the 1994 exhibition in Richmond, Virginia. Copyright, Library of Congress, 1995.
    Directed and Produced by Mitzi Humphrey
    Associate Producer: C. Richard Moore
    Original Music: C. Richard Moore
    Featuring over one-hundred original book-art and book-related art works from the exhibition curated by Mitzi Humphrey.
    Also presenting excerpts from "A Conversation on Book Art" by British book artist Ken Campbell and Virginia Commonwealth University professor of printmaking David Freed.
    Partial funding for technical assistance for the Art ex Libris video was received through a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
    No longer available for purchase.

    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Video Resource Catalog
    ... show that used an all-inclusive definition of "book," be it sculptural, painterly, photographic, or written form. Made by noted book artist, Mitzi Humphrey.

  • For more information, see Mitzi Humphrey's gallery page

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