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Welcome to uniteddiversity!

united diversity is owned and run by everyone that participates in our network. See about

We want people to Come Together, Have Fun, Self-organise and Share.

Sharing makes Sustainable Living simple, improves Quality of Life, and reduces our Ecological Footprint

Imagine if all your mates and loved ones, together with all the talented and caring people you collectively know (plus all the people they collectively know) shared some of everything they have: time, tools, knowledge, land, food and shelter...

If you think about it, you'll soon realise that together we already have the knowledge, expertise, land, property and resources necessary to establish a global network of sustainably managed commons. We just need to self-organise and start sharing.

For starters, there are loads of simple things you can do to Save Money AND Make A Difference!

Read the 12steps to learn how to save energy, get green electricity at no extra cost from ecotricity, save on calls and get broadband from the phone coop, save 10% on need to read books and switch banks to start smiling.

Visit our wiki about monetary reform and democracy

Learn the basics about money in the uniteddiversity money_guide.pdf

Find out more about us, check out our events and make contact.

We are busy preparing a comprehensive set of informative documents, sleek open source tools and useful resources.

To claim your share and have your say, sign up to the uniteddiversity announce list and find out as soon as we launch our full site.

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You might also want to check out our old site and our links page