Updated Apr.22,2003 18:44 KST   

Roh Wants Lessons Free of Anti-Americanism
by Shin Jung-rok (jrshin@chosun.com)

President Roh Moo-hyun has received reports that the left-wing teachers union has been presenting anti-U.S. material while teaching students about anti-war ideas, he told a cabinet meeting Tuesday. The Cheong Wa Dae spokeswoman Song Kyoung-hee later said that Roh had told the Education Ministry to look into the actions by Jeongyojo, or the Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union.

According to Song, Roh said that anti-war ideas could be viewed as international matters; but he pointed out that anti-Americanism deals with relations between nations, so materials that may contain such ideas should be reviewed before any teachers group imparts it children.

Analysts say Roh's remark was made in response to the recommendation made Monday by the National Assembly speaker Park Kwan-yong that Seoul should strive to minimize anti-U.S. sentiment in relation to Roh's U.S. visit, set for next month.

The ministry said it would examine the contents of Jeongyojo's anti-war materials, which have been taught in schools since March.

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