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Devinn Lane, porn star, gets down


hose who can, do. Those who can't, watch. And then, there are those who do and are watched. Porn, gotta love it. There are some serious bucks in porn. That's "bucks," with a "B," pervert. Yale could hardly celebrate Sex Week without hearing from the sexiest industry in America. Yale prides itself on attracting the future and current leaders of American society to its ivy gates. We've had Bill Clinton, LAW, '73. Now, we welcome Devinn Lane, leader of a multibillion dollar industry, to our hallowed halls of learning. This is one girl who has really gone wild.

Devinn Lane wants you. Um, if "you" means Matthew N. Schneier, MC '06, with a tomato in his ear.
Feminists like Gloria Steinem, Catharine MacKinnon, and Andrea Dworkin denounce porn as the "sexually explicit subordination of women." Devinn Lane, the 31-year-old porn star, mother, and current guest of Yale University, finds such notions (at least for her) to be totally bunk. She is strong, independent, intelligent, and completely committed to and in love with her career as an actress/producer/distributor in the adult entertainment industry. She chooses who, she decides how, and she tells them when. Subordination? Lane often plays a dominatrix, but adds that everyone in the industry must first take a subordinating role in order to know "how it feels." "Do I enjoy it?" Lane mocks, "Absolutely."

Devinn Lane lives the American dream, albeit the wet version. She was born and raised in Orange County, daughter of a minister. At the age of 16, she became pregnant, and by 18 worked as a dancer at a local club. For six years, Lane danced, earning enough money to put her child through private schools. Then came her big break. An interested photographer approached the buxom brunette, and before long, Devinn Lane's smiling face graced the cover of Penthouse. Lane adroitly parlayed this work into a job as the "fax girl" on Playboy TV and appearances on the Howard Stern Show. She was not the traditional adult star. She was older, experienced, and completely savvy of her role within the industry. She is no victimized Roller Girl.

Lane leads the college student's ideal life. Her current project, Road Trixxx (by the why, how great would it be to have the job of turning -cks words into XXX? I'll tell you: so great!), follows Lane as she rock climbs, spelunks, and loves freely. On the side, she hosts a Big Brother-esque program on Playboy TV called Seven Lives Exposed. It is all the drama of reality TV, without any of the clothes. But Lane's life isn't all sun and sex. "It's fun," she declares, "but it's a business." The typical shelf-life of an adult star is two years. However, there are no stock options, no dental plan. Lane, a self-declared lifer, still enjoys sex star status but also looks to the future: She fights for distribution rights of all her products and hopes to start her own production agency. The adult entertainment industry is no less cutthroat than I-banking is, but I'd venture that one's coworkers are a lot better looking.

Pornography has been around a long time. Records reveal pornographic theme songs from ancient Greece, and erotic images adorn the walls of Pompeii. For centuries, pornography was principally enjoyed by the wealthy. Porn took off, though, in the 19th century when technology—such as printing and photography—made it more readily available to pervs of all classes. Now, thanks to the Internet, porn is just a click away. In fact, just about any innocent word search leads pretty quickly to naughtiness. (Oops, I meant the band when I typed in "strokes." My bad.) But is this really lamentable? According to Lane, porn brings liberation and pleasure. She holds these truths to be self-evident: our freedom to express, our freedom to choose, our freedom to access porn. Amen.    

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