Updates For November, 2003

Home again
Adam and I have returned to Atlanta from Grandmother's House (I live in town, Adam's just here for a couple of days before returning to West Virginia). And the server time has been fixed, so that's good (the server is actually located in the Central US time zone, but it's easier for everyone involved if it's set to Eastern time).

Well, that's it. Business as usual, at least until Christmas time. Hope you enjoyed yesterday's new episode (if you did, don't hesitate to let us know).
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Happy Thanksgiving
Our server has decided to set itself to central time, so we've had to go through some shenanigans to get the episode up at the time we claimed (it would have been a very simple matter except for the fact we're at Grandmother's House). But it's up, and for that we're thankful.
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You Should Look...
...at the Mail Satchel. There's a letter there that clarifies a few things.
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We've set up shop
The Bohemian Drive Truck Stop is open for business. Our merchandise philosophy is to create goods that we wouldn't be embarrassed to own or wear ourselves, so hopefully you won't be either. Take a look.

(We're still working on how to incorporate a link to the store into the current design of the site. I gave it a try, but Adam shot me down hard, and rightly so, I must admit--it was pretty ugly. If you have any ideas--or you'd just like to chat--don't hesitate to drop us a line.)
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If you haven't noticed
Episode five is now up.

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It's that time of year
Thanksgiving time! Today we're thanking Scott McCloud for mentioning us in The Morning Improv over at scottmccloud.com!

Thank you, Scott!
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New episode at 11AM ET Thursday
Or if you're in Baghdad, 7PM. Noon in Caracas. Friday at 3AM in Melbourne.

Here's the complete list, just for fun.

It's the same time every week. Get used to it.
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We should mention...
...that a new episode will be published every Thursday at 11AM ET. In fact, several more episodes are already queued up, with still more in production, either in Adam's mind or at his hand.
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The time has come
The first four episodes are up, and Adam responds to our first piece of mail over in the mail satchel. Enjoy.
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Coming soon...
The first four episodes of "Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life" will be up November 13th at 11AM Eastern. BYOB
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