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Meeting the Watcher
After the TARDIS is invaded by the Master, the Doctor plans to materialise below the River Thames, open the doors and flush out the Master. Instead, the TARDIS lands on Cadogan Pier and the Doctor has a fateful meeting with the mysterious Watcher on Albert Bridge.

ilming Date
December 1980

Albert Bridge,
, London
Cadogan Pier from Albert Bridge (21,236 bytes)

Cadogan Pier, Chelsea Embankment
(viewed from Albert Bridge).

The TARDIS lands on this pier when the Doctor's plan goes wrong.
  Battersea Bridge (16,215 bytes)  

View of Battersea Bridge (from Albert Bridge).

The Doctor and Adric ponder their situation.
  Albert Bridge (21,388 bytes)  

Albert Bridge
(viewed from Chelsea Embankment).

The Doctor leaves the pier to talk to the Watcher who has signalled to him from the bridge.
  Battersea Power Station (19,368 bytes)  

View of Battersea Power Station
(from Cadogan Pier).

Adric looks on as the Doctor enters into an animated discussion with the Watcher.
  Cadogan Pier from Albert Bridge (21,402 bytes)  

Cadogan Pier (viewed from Albert Bridge).

The TARDIS leaves, bound for the planet Logopolis.

  Where is it?

Albert Bridge is just under a mile from Sloane Square station. Exit the station on Sloane Square and turn left onto Lower Sloane Street. Walk south down here then take the second right onto Royal Hospital Road. Walk the length of this road (past the Royal Hospital) and it comes out onto Chelsea Embankment. Albert Bridge and Cadogan Pier are across the road to the right.

Cadogan Pier is no longer open to the public except for limited times during weekday rush hours when the river taxi service operates.

Underground Station
Sloane Square
(District, Circle lines)

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Story written by Christopher H Bidmead and directed by Peter Grimwade.

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