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Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Buena Vista Pictures

Who Framed Roger Rabbit



103 minutes | Color

Jeffrey Price
Peter S. Seaman
Gary K. Wolf (novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?)

Robert Zemeckis

Jun 21, 1988

The film picked up Oscars at the 1989 Academy Awards for Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, and Film Editing. Richard Williams also received a Special Achievement Award for animation direction and creation of the cartoon characters.



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Starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer, Stubby Kaye, Alan Tilvern, Richard LeParmentier, and Kathleen Turner

Gumshoe detective Eddie Valiant (Hoskins) is on the job in both Hollywood and Toontown, and the line between reality and fantasy gets blurred as Eddie tries to solve a major "who dunnit." He's thrown for quite a set of curves when he meets Jessica Rabbit, the sultry "toon" who whispers "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." When Eddie gets mixed up with the fast-talking "toon" Roger Rabbit (Fleischer) he finds himself crossing paths with such characters as the hilarious Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, the sinister Judge Doom and more, in a wacky adventure of a lifetime. (Buena Vista)


Chicago Reader / Jonathan Rosenbaum:
Combines live-action and animation with breathtaking wizardry... Alternately hilarious, frightening, and awesome.

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San Francisco Chronicle / Peter Stack:
What is astonishing about this movie is how all the elements are so deftly mixed - the technology of real sets and people interwoven with the cartoon world, and yet Zemeckis hardly sacrifices a beat in laying out a curlicuing '40s-style thriller. [22 June 1988]


Washington Post / Rita Kempley:
An instant slapstick classic from Disney and Steven Spielberg. Already, it's a hare's breadth away from legend. [22 June 1988]

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Washington Post / Desson Howe:
If you don’t like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, have your pulse checked... You'll forget yourself right through to the end when Porky Pig, dressed as a cop, says "M-move along, there's n-nothing more to s-see folks." [24 June 1988]

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Chicago Sun-Times / Roger Ebert:
The movie is funny, but it's more than funny, it's exhilarating.

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Christian Science Monitor / David Sterrit:
It's the year's cleverest comedy in more ways than one. The animated sequences are brilliant... Most important, the story also has dark overtones that lend a hint of seriousness to what could have been just silly. [24 June 1988]


New York Times / Janet Maslin:
A film whose best moments are so novel, so deliriously funny, and so crazily unexpected that they truly must be seen to be believed. [22 June 1988]


USA Today / Mike Clark:
If it isn't flawless, neither is "Fantasia"... Here's a live-action/animated marvel with no screen antecedent; “Chinatown” may actually come closest. [22 June 1988]


Chicago Tribune / Dave Kehr:
Brilliantly funny, bracingly smart and surprisingly moving. [22 June 1988]


Los Angeles Times / Sheila Benson:
Dense, satisfying, feverishly inventive and a technical marvel… But--animation aside--the treasure of the piece is Hoskins' pungent, visceral comic performance. [22 June 1988]


TV Guide / Staff (Non Credited):
While flawlessly delivered, it's overkill--so loud and excessive, it makes our head swim... It's like a sumptous banquet composed entirely of fast food; fills you up but entirely forgettable.

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Variety / Staff (Not Credited):
An unparalleled technical achievement... Yet the story amounts to little more than inspired silliness about the filmmaking biz where cartoon characters face off against cartoonish humans.

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The Globe and Mail (Toronto) / Rick Groen:
Without warning, the picture falls hard into the very trap it had so studiously avoided, the one marked Expensive Gimmick... The same feature that begins like no film you've ever seen ends like every cartoon you've always avoided.

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Time / Richard Corliss:
Something got lost in the move from storyboard to screen, and in the stretch from seven minutes to 103. [27 June 1988]


The New Republic / Stanley Kauffmann:
The plot, the gags, the action are so stupid and strident, so unfunnily parodic, that the film's only interest is in wondering how they did it-the mix of animation and live action. [1 Aug 1988]

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The average user rating for this film is
10.0 out of 10
(3 Votes).
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Pat C. gave it a 10:
Unimitated before or since. Q: How do you score a film that you can't compare to anything else? A: With 2 digits.

Gilbert Mulroneycakes And Friends gave it a 10:
To not like this film, you do have to be some sort of twat. I'm glad Stanley Kauffman's review is now inaccessible; it seems to be the most tragic thing you could ever read (er, on the subject of family movies). This movie is FUN. Remember fun? It's got everything you need for a magnificent family movie, and adds some more things as well, just for the sake of it. Oh, and Mike's right: it's a technical tour de wossname which still hasn't really been equalled.

Mike M. gave it a 10:
A cleverly concieved concept that will make kids laugh, keep thier parents entertained and film lovers satisfied. This wonderfully acted film (take in mind actors performed opposite mechanical stand-ins and sometimes nothing) which was a break-trough at the time; it still has yet to truly be improved upon regaurding character interaction.

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