Naughty Kids Punishment Clothing

Embarasment is a key factor to a sucessful spanking. One way of creating an additional air of embarasment for the child is to control what they are wearing prior during and after discipline. Naughty Kids offer a range of clothing that will help make any little boy feel very selfconceous and help explain to others that they have been naughty.


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Punishment T-Shirt left hanging on the childs door, ready for action

A number of t-shirts are available that depict a naughty child being spanked. The T-Shirts also contain text to explain the childs prediciment or instructions to the parent on how to deal with the child. 
T-Shirts can be personilised with the childs name and/or include a picture of their last spanking.

The T-Shirt below has printed on the back instructions on how to spank the wearer. These numbered points can be tailored to suit your child. This is the perfect gift for a grandparent or babysitter who may need to deal with your child for the first time.


We also offer tight fitting white or pink bikini style briefs with the Naughty Kids logo, or with the words "Please Remove Before Spanking" printed on the back.

Cycle shorts

We also produce White, Black, or Pink lycra cycle shorts with the Naughty Kids logo. Cycle Shorts have too distinct advantages for little boys. They are made from a very stretchy tight fitting lycra which will mould itself bequtifuly around your childs bottom, making wearing them uncomfortable with a freshly spanked bottom. Secondly cycle shorts are prodomently worn by little girls and any little boy would hate to be seen by his friends wearing pink cycle shorts in public.

Punishment Dress Set

We also offer an entire outfit gift set that comes complete with its own baby-style carry bag. The set consists of

1. Childs style sun hat with Logo
2. White T-Shirt depicting little boy being spanked and a choice of wording
3. Pink or White Lycra Cycle Shorts
4. Knee High White Girls School Socks or Knee High Boys Grey Socks
5. White Ballet Plimpsoles