Conceptual Framework - normALST 12/23/03

Information Technology Syndicated Life

Conceptual Framework - normALST

To reach optimal SynCH, individuals must have access to and embrace an Information Technology Syndicated Life (ITSLife). Rather than living in a closed world and economic environment, tribesmen to the most remote tribes must have access to optimal IT services and capabilities and use them effectively. Is this too much to ask? No - it is happening in the most remote areas of the world to optimal results everyday.

Consider a recent feature in the NYTimes on a small village in China using the Internet to optimize their market selling the processing of sheepskins, and making their village and its' people prosperous in the process. Before the Internet reached their community, they received far below optimal market opportunities and were isolated from the global economy and greater 'virtual community.' In a few years with the Internet and IT in hand, they've expanded every aspect of their lives - they receive higher prices for their products, sell much more product to a global marketplace, teach their children, and participate in a global society. All they needed to realize these great advances was ITSLife.
Is their any segment of society too primitive, remote or worthless to deserve such opportunity? No. So, what is holding back this better model of ITSLife?

To succeed, we need to move toward universal access - first by tribe and then to the individual level. We need to embrace standards for simple, cheap technologies, access, applications and services that make IT viable to the least educated segments of our societies, and then use ITSLife to bring all people to a higher level - teaching them about and through IT.

Some of this will happen literally overnight -people able to use and leverage ITSLife will immediately leverage IT the day it arrives in their village. If I take an Internet enabled computer with access running a few simple, valuable syndicated applications to a remote village in Tanzania, as I intend to do, the tribesmen will immediately start selling their products and resources at a far more optimal level than they can today. Their children and less sophisticated people will quickly start working with the new capabilities to experience the greater world offered therethrough and learn in the process. Illiteracy will go from 80% to 0% as quickly as access is expanded and optimized - probably in a matter of very few years. AIDS will slowly be eradicated.

Will they lose their cultural identities as an outcome? More likely they will strengthen it, share it with the world, and survive and prosper in the process.

Reality has shown we should expect the best for all those who have access to ITSLife and their societies. If there are any among us who wish to prevent that from being the reality for any people, we must be concerned about their individual motives and interests as they are not in synch with optimal SynCH

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Revised: December 23, 2003