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Course materials for 2003-04

First-year core courses
HIST0A01, From the Ancient Near East to the Twenty-First Century

HIST0A02, Concepts, Categories and the Practice of History:
General reading list
Dr Gowland's reading list
Dr Harte's reading list
Prof Hoppit's reading list
Mr Renton's reading list
Dr Salway's reading list
Dr Sennis' reading list
HIST0A03: Concepts, Categories and the Practice of Ancient History (term 2)
HIST5529: Linking Ancient History and Social Anthropology

Other First-year courses
HIST0C01: Sources for Greek History (term 2)
HIST0C02: The Romans and their Past (term 1)

Group 1 courses
HIST1101: The Near East 1200-336 BC: Empires and Patoralists
HIST1103: The Classical Greek City c. 508-336 BC
HIST1108: The Hellenistic World from Alexander the Great to the End of the Attalid Kingdom
HIST1109: The Roman Republic
HIST1201: Europe in the Early Middle Ages 400-1000
HIST1212: Celtic History
HIST1207: British History c. 1688-1860
HIST1214: History of Political Thought
HIST1215: European History since 1945
HIST1217: The Transformation of Britain, 1547-1707
HIST1219: British History, c. 1850-1990
HIST1220: Europe 1870-1945: Paths through Modernity
HIST1223: Britain and the Wider World, c. 1878-1982
HIST1225: Europe 1806-1871
HIST1226: Europe in the Late Middle Ages
HIST1227: Early Modern Europe
HIST1503: History and Politics of Latin America c. 1930 to the Present
HIST1504: Colonial and Revolutionary North America
HIST1508: The Making of Modern America: the United States since 1920

Group 2 courses
HIST2118: Warfare and Society in Ancient Greece
HIST2120: The City in the Roman World from 100 BC to AD500
HIST2405: From Reformation to Dissent: Religious Change in England, 1529-1662
HIST2418: The Industrial Revolution in Britain
HIST2636: Rousseau, Marx, Freud: Subjects of Modernity
HIST2637: The British Army and the Face of Battle 1870-1945
HIST2638: Pre-Industrial England: Economy, Society, Mentality, 1530-1662,
HIST2639: State, Sovereignty and Liberty: the History of Political Thought in the 17th and 18th Centuries
HIST2640: The European Revolutions of 1848
HIST2642: The Medieval Universe
HIST2643: The Crisis of the American Republic
HIST2645: The Dutch Golden Age

Group 3 courses
HIST6110: The Fall of the Roman Republic
HIST6113: This Side of the Taurus: Seleukid Kings and the Cities of Western Asia Minor
HIST6401: Love and Marriage in the Age of Romance
HIST6601: Great Britain and the American Colonies, 1760-1776
HIST6614: British Strategic Policy, 5 August 1914 to 11 November 1918
HIST6628: Colombia: From the Revolution for Independence to the Drugs Terrorists
HIST6630: Living the Empire: Metropole and Colony in the 1830s
HIST6632: Parliaments, Puritanism and the Emergence of Adversary Politics in England, 1587-1642

Group 4 courses
HIST4100: Women in Antiquity (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4111: The Origins of the English Civil War: Long-term versus Short-term explanations (term 1)
HIST4114: Georgian London (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4115: Crime and Punishment in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century England (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4126: The European Petite Bourgeoisie, c. 1850-1940 (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4154: The Re-making of the English Ruling Class (term 1)
HIST4163: European Fin de Siecle. A Cultural and Social History (term 1)
HIST4166: Religious Conversion in the 4th Century: the Confessions of St Augustine (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4169: Slavery in the Classical World
HIST4172: Early Medieval Spain 400-711 (term 1 or term 2)
HIST4179: Monastic Life in Medieval England: interpreting the evidence (term 2)
HIST4183: Democracy in America 1830-1890 (term 2)
HIST4184: Rationality (term 2)
HIST4185: Family, Sex and Death in England, c. 1530-1870 (term 2)
HIST4186: Renaissance Rome and the Roman Past (term 1)
HIST4187: Ancient Greek Religion (term 1)
HIST4901: Black Atlantic, Green Atlantic: Irish and African Diaspora Nationalism, from the 1890s to the 1920s (term 1)

Group 5 courses
HIST5500: Greek Historical Texts
HIST5501: Latin Historical Texts
HIST5529: Linking Ancient History and Anthropology


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