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SCO IP License Program

Many customers have expressed concern about using Linux since they have become aware of the allegations that Linux is an unauthorized derivative work of the UNIX® operating system. These customers unknowingly received unauthorized copies of SCO property and many are running critical business applications on Linux. Some customers have asked their Linux distributors to indemnify them against intellectual property infringement claims in Linux. While some companies have offered their customers legal assistance in the event they are sued, only SCO is in a position to license the use of this infringing intellectual property. To address this issue, SCO has publicly announced the SCO Intellectual Property (IP) License Program to make binary run time licenses for SCO’s intellectual property available to end users. The license gives end users the right to use the SCO intellectual property contained in Linux, in binary format only. End users who purchase this license will be held harmless against past and future copyright violations based on their use of SCO’s intellectual property in binary format in Linux distributions on the licensed system. These licenses will not provide any rights to the SCO IP in source code form or any rights to distribute SCO IP with the Linux Operating System in binary or source form. These issues cannot be covered by the SCO IP License due to conflicts with the GPL License.

All Linux systems running on any hardware platform (i.e., Intel, AMD, RISC,etc.) that are used for commercial purposes including those sold by SCO are covered by the program. SCO Linux and Caldera OpenLinux end users who already have a Linux license from SCO can obtain a SCO IP license for these systems by registering (or re-registering) their systems free of charge.

The SCO IP License Program will consist of binary use licenses for Linux Servers, Desktops and embedded systems as well as appropriate processor upgrade licenses for server systems to cover the addition of processors to an already licensed server. These licenses cover each installed system containing SCO IP. SCO IP licenses use the same license model as most Linux systems. Licenses are per server, based on the number of CPUs. User count and memory licenses are not part of the program. Licenses are sold as either permanent paid up licenses or as annually renewable licenses.

icense configurations are packaged for single CPU, 2 CPU, 4 CPU or 8 CPU server versions plus a single CPU add-on license, which can be applied to any pre-packaged configuration. The larger CPU versions are priced to make it cheaper to add CPU's bundled with the OS license rather than add them individually. There is also be a Desktop/Workstation license which will apply to single user systems regardless of the number of CPUs in the system. In addition, licenses for embedded Linux systems are sold on a contract basis directly by SCO to OEMs, integrators and major accounts.

Since the license pertains to SCO IP that the end user already received in the unauthorized Linux distribution, the SCO license doesn’t include a media kit.

Fees for paid up licenses are:

SCO IP Licenses
License Fee
Annual License Fee
Server with 1 CPU
Server with 2 CPUs
Server with 4 CPUs
Server with 8 CPUs
Additional Single CPU

Licenses must be registered at HERE in order to be activated.

End users who purchase this license are granted the right to use the SCO IP in Linux in binary format only. The license is available immediately and can be obtained by contacting your SCO sales representative, by calling SCO at 1-800 726-8649 or buy purchasing online HERE.

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