Nov 2000
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New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association

Letter from the President
Youth Judging Team
Arabian Foundation Scholarships
Membership Dollars and Funding Proposals


Dear NHAHA Members,

Our Halloween Cauldron Luck meeting held at the UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center was "quite tasteful." There was more food than could be consumed in an evening, so we donated the deserts and candy to the UpReach horse show that was being held the next day.

We became more aware of riders with disabilities and their equine partners, and the over 120 volunteers that it requires to maintain this program. It may not be validated in the medical journals YET... but those of us who have worked with horses know the therapeutic and emotional value of our equine companions and, that "There's nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse [Winston Churchill]." We hope in the future NHAHA will utilize this excellent equine facility in Goffstown.

I am headed to the IAHA convention in San Antonio after Thanksgiving. It should be a hot time down there this year. A complete counter slate of officers has been offered from the floor of convention. There is a lot of unrest in this industry right now. There are 17 resolutions pertaining to Resolution 5-90 (The office of the Judges and Stewards Commissioner) i.e.; the $3.00 fee. Mike Brown who was commissioner was requested to resign after all of the controversy regarding the number of lawsuits that are pending transpired.

The NHAHA has a resolution to allow dual ownership by 2 unrelated, AHSA recognized amateurs to show in AOTR & AOTH classes. Thus allowing more people to purchase and show their Arabian horses in IAHA recognized shows.

[WEB NOTE: Click here for the results of the IAHA convention resolutions and elections, at their website.]

Michelle Hartley-Smith has resigned as treasurer of NHAHA. Thank you Michelle for having supported us in many ways. We look forward to having you work with us in the future.

June Barber has agreed to fill the position of treasurer. Her work in accounting will be of considerable value to our club. She will also continue to write our newsletter.

Our new recording secretary and trail ride chairman is Laura Susman of Dublin, NH. Thank you both for volunteering. It is our Volunteers who are the cornerstone of any organization.

GOOD NEWS!!! The NHAHA has been selected By IAHA from 257 clubs as one of the top 3 clubs to receive a Club Excellence award. If we win it's $500.00 for NHAHA.

Are you aware??? Although we held our 26th annual show in 2000 we actually celebrate our 25th anniversary as an incorporated club in 2001.


To quote Nike, "JUST DO IT!"

Click here for a membership form.

COME CELEBRATE.  Please bring a stuffed toy or book to the awards banquet for those children who may not be as fortunate as ours.


Wishing you all many magical moments in this very special season,

Joanna Hyatt



Susan Levesque has agreed to chair our NH YOUTH JUDGING TEAM 2002. We plan to start sessions the beginning of 2001. It will take the two years we have until Louisville to prepare for the event.

We are off to a good start having collected a $1000.00 at the auction held at our show to support this program.

But We Need YOU, if you will be 14 - 18 years old by 2002 and you enjoy learning about horses and judging, and you would like to have a good time with students of similar interests. Are you willing to commit 2-3 hours a month? Are your parents willing to take you to the learning sessions? If so please print this page and complete the form below:

Mail to:

c/o Susan Levesque
40 Butterick Rd.
Londonderry NH 03053

Request to Participate in NHAHA Youth Judging Program

Date of Birth:
Parent's Signature:


More about Youth Judging

I was asked to attend and present awards at the Youth Judging Contest Breakfast at

this year's US Nationals. There were 28 teams competing in the IAHA Youth, 4-H, FFA, and Equine colleges divisions. Two were from Region 16 from New York. The awards from the saddle companies and Ariat along with many other participating companies were great. The winners receive scholarships from the Registry and the Arabian Horse Foundation. Consider the great opportunity for any young person who not only shows but loves the Arabian horse.

Arabian Foundation Scholarships

College Bound??? Or are you already attending??? There are no age restrictions on the scholarship opportunities the Arabian Horse Foundation has to offer. The Deadline for 2001 is February 1, 2001. The Foundation has given over $500,000.00 in the last 25 years. You could be a recipient. If you are interested in obtaining an application write or call:

AHF Scholarship Chairman Joanna Hyatt

PO 28

Chester NH 03036


Your Membership Dollars:

NHAHA Adult Affiliate $50 Youth Affiliate $25 Youth Assoc. $10 Adult Assoc. $20
IAHA Dues -35   -10        
IAHA Insurance -5   -5        
Equine Journal -7   -7   -7   -7
Mailings -5   -5   -5   -5
Year End -30   -30   -30   -30


It's crunch time. NHAHA has been sending out more mailings, offers a subscription to the "Equine Journal" and continues to support the year end awards program. The program continues to grow with 47 awards to be given in 2000. This is great. However, these are expenses. So ... how do we cover them?


1. Increase associate dues by $5.00

2. Offer "Equine Journal" for those that want it for an additional $5.00/member.

3. Charge a $5.00 fee for the year-end award program per participant, which would go directly to the program.

We would love to have you all come to the December meeting, but for those of you who can't, and for those of us who do not wish to spend a fun evening hashing out finances, we are giving all adult members of NHAHA an opportunity to Choose!

The Proposal getting the majority of votes will take effect January 2001.

Your Club, Your Vote.

Also, Please indicate on your ballot how many years you have been an IAHA affiliate

(full member) through NHAHA. We have recognition pins to be presented along with our Member of the Year Award.


To send in your vote, print this page, cut along the line, and mail it as instructed.




( ) 1. Increase associate dues by $5.00

( ) 2. Offer "Equine Journal" for an additional $5.00.

( ) 3. Charge a $5.00 fee for the year-end award program.



Name: __________________________# of years in IAHA through NHAHA ______


Please remember to write your name so that we may validate these ballots as coming from Adult members of NHAHA for 2000 & 2001.

Return to: NHAHA, By December 7,2000

c/o Joanna Hyatt, PO 28, Chester NH 03036



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