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Camp Gagetown Support Detachment Moncton

On 25 February 1992, the Federal Government formally announced the closure of 5 Canadian Forces Supply Depot in addition to the earlier announced closure of CFB Moncton (both closed on 1 April 1996).

Agreement was reached with Maritime Command (MARCOM) and Land Force Command (LFC) that 14 positions (10 military and 4 civilian) would accrue to Gagetown and be used to establish a Support Detachment at the Moncton Garrison on 1 April 1996. The Support Detachment has increased to 11 military and 7 civilian positions since its inception, to provide service to the four units posted within the Garrison. These units include 1 Construction Engineering Unit, 4 Air Defence Regiment, 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) and 37 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters.

The Support Detachment is technically responsive to their counterparts at Gagetown with command and control delegated to the Commanding Officer Technical Services Branch/G4 3 ASG. This command and control is further delegated to the Moncton Support Detachment Commander.

The Support Detachment provides the following service support with positions established as follows:

  1. Administration/Financial Services: This section is established with one Sergeant, two Master Corporals, one Corporal and one CR-03. This cell provides the services associated with an Orderly Room at "Base level" to include Central Registry, Mail Room Services, Regular Force pay services, invoice payment, claims processing, cashier services, imposed restrictions, house hunting trips, initial release interviews and other financial management services;
  2. Medical/Dental Services: The Support Detachment employs a Sergeant Medical Assistant and a civilian physician on contract. The Camp Gagetown Dental Detachment conducts semi-annual visits. Emergencies are actioned through the Support Detachment Medical Assistant;
  3. Fitness, Sports and Recreation: A Personnel Support Program (PSP) Fitness, Sports and Recreation Coordinator is employed at the Support Detachment and controls the drill hall/gymnasium. Unit sports, EXPRES testing, personnel fitness programs, etc. are conducted by this section;
  4. Construction Engineering Maintenance: An on-site CE Engineer controls all maintenance for the Garrison's infrastructure which includes the Salisbury Range, Sussex and Sackville Armouries and the Garrison Buildings;
  5. Information Systems Local Area Network Operations: This section employs one CS-01 on site that ensures all Units within the Garrison have connectivity to the DWAN and access to any DND resources they may require, such as e-mail and baseline software; also to maintain the servers, all workstations for the Support Detachment and provide first-line support when requested by other units in the Garrison;
  6. Maintenance: This section employs one Master Corporal and two Corporals. They perform first-line and limited second-line servicing for the Garrison Units; and
  7. Supply Section: The Supply Section operates a Clothing Stores, a self-sufficient Stock Account and Accommodations. This Section employs one Master Corporal and three civilian storespersons.

Further information concerning the Moncton Garrison can be obtained by contacting the Support Detachment Chief Clerk at CSN 622-0203 or (506) 851-0500, Extension 0203.

 Last Modified: 11/7/02

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