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The McDonald Papers

Preface to The McDonald Papers

      Jon Randall (Randy) McDonald was a contracted staff songwriter with MCA Publishing in Los Angeles when he first became introduced to Scientology in early 1971. Within a matter of a few months, he beseeched Warren Brown, then the West Coast Vice President for Publishing at MCA, to let him out of his contract so that he could pursue his new-found religious convictions. Brown reluctantly agreed, and Randy McDonald signed a Sea Org contract at Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

      Randy served in the Sea Organization for 12 years, from 1971 until 1983. He held several executive posts, receiving extensive administrative training, and working directly with Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch, who had established Celebrity Centre.

      In 1974 he became editor of "Celebrity," the official magazine of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre. Although his title was editor, he also art directed and designed the publication, did illustrations and photography for it, and interviewed some of the biggest names in Scientology, including John Travolta, Chick Corea, and Diana Hubbard, among many others. He was personally commended by L. Ron Hubbard for the quality of "Celebrity" magazine.

      In 1983, having been promoted to the position of Acting Commanding Officer PR for Celebrity Centre International, he was illegally ordered to the RPF. Randy refused to go. As a result, a Fitness Board was convened on him, giving him a Catch-22 choice: either choose to go to the RPF, or be charged with "wanting to leave the Sea Org." Since he steadfastly refused to go to the RPF, it was ruled that he "wanted to leave," so he was deemed "unfit" and routed out of the Sea Org.

      Randy moved his family to his home town, Huntsville, Alabama, where he became a partner in an advertising firm.

      But by 1986, he was receiving offers to come back to L.A. and work in design there. He and his family moved back, and within six months Randy had been hired by Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI) to handle the advertising and marketing campaigns for L. Ron Hubbard's "Mission Earth" series. Randy wrote, designed, and art directed the international advertising campaigns for Volumes V through X of the series, and in the meantime was secured by Author Service, Inc. (ASI) to design their "Special Properties" catalog, and to be the writer (writing as "Jon Randall") who would adapt the first five "Mission Earth" volumes to audio cassette scripts for Random House.

      Yet for all his accomplishments, contributions, and commendations, Randy McDonald has now been declared a suppressive person and expelled from the Church. Why?

      It started in August of 1994, when he became aware of an issue put out by the current management of the Church. It was, to Randy McDonald, and alarming issue--a type of issue never established by the Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. It was called a "Scientology Policy Directive." It was an illegal issue-type. It had no official status or power according to standard Scientology policy, but it was being used to stop people's progress in Scientology. So Randy McDonald wrote it up to senior-most management, expecting that it would be cancelled forthwith.

      Instead, his report set off a chain of bizarre events that led Randy deeper and deeper into an investigation of what lay behind such a ridiculous issue, and deeper and deeper into attacks on him, his family, his friends, his character, and his motives.

      The story took nearly two years to unfold.

      It is a story that could never be fully told in narrative. It can only be told with the original documents, carefully preserved by a handful of faithful archivists whom the world will probably never know.

      You will find them written to by Randy McDonald in this archive: Mookie, Little John, Terpsichore, Elf, JD, Darwin, Aquarius, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, and Ace of Diamonds.

      Who are they? Who knows? Certainly DM does not know. Certainly OSA does not know. Certainly IJC does not know. But certainly we have them to thank for this invaluable record of tyranny, ineffable injustice, blatant criminality, and imperious disdain, practised by a small handful of thugs in a management gone mad.

      Certainly we have them to thank for these: The McDonald Papers.

The McDonald Papers

  1. 14 September 1994
    Original HIGH CRIME Report by Randy McDonald on an SP Directive (Scientology Policy Directive) called PERSONAL INCOME TAX, naming the Tax Compliance Officer OSA Int and AVC International as being the guilty parties to the HIGH CRIME.

  2. 14 May 1995
    HIGH CRIME, SUPPRESSIVE ACT report written by Randy McDonald on David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC, and on Jim Morrow, Tax Compliance Officer OSA Int. For withhold of vital information regarding the secrecy of the agreement between COS and IRS.

  3. 15 April 1995
    HIGH CRIME, SUPPRESSIVE ACT report written by Randy McDonald on Jim Morrow, Ray Mithoff, and AVC Int for SPDs existing and being issued.

  4. 7 July 1995
    Non-Enturbulation Order issued on Randy McDonald and six other parishioners, naming them as "tax protestors," and referencing the SP Directive called PERSONAL INCOME TAX. This is the document that created the "Scientology Seven."

  5. 13 July 1995
    Randy McDonald's reply to receipt of Non Enturbulation Order.

  6. 18 August 1995
    Bill of Particulars for the Committee of Evidence convened on Randy McDonald and four of the original "Scientology Seven." Though this Committee was insisted upon by various of the Interested Parties, no mention is made of that fact in the Bill of Particulars, and it is left to appear as though this is a form of discipline by the Church.

  7. 23 August 1995
    FAX from Randy McDonald to Paul Laquerre re: getting a copy of the Comm Ev Bill of Particulars and arranging testimony.

  8. 9 September 1995
    Knowledge Report by Randy McDonald detailing a phone call between him and the LRH Comm at CC Int, Matthew Veenker. Veenker was the Convening Authority for the Comm Ev.

  9. 30 September 1995
    FAX from Randy McDonald to the Comm Ev Secretary, advising her that he was arriving in Los Angeles for the Comm Ev that day, but had been given no notification of place and time, as had been promised.

  10. 30 September 1995
    Knowledge Report by Randy McDonald, written for the Committee of Evidence, regarding the charges of the Committee of Evidence.

  11. 17 December 1995
    New Bill of Particulars disbanding the original Committee (see file of 18 August 1995) and seating a new one. NOTE: This is FOUR MONTHS after the original Committee was convened. Also note that this Bill does NOT mention SP Directives anywhere in it.

  12. 22 December 1995
    Letter FAXed to Matthew Veenker from Randy McDonald with terse message regarding the "Comm Ev."

  13. 24 February 1996
    Second letter FAXed to Matthew Veenker regarding no results from the "Comm Ev" (really only a joke at this point) TWO-HUNDRED DAYS after it was convened, and SIXTY-FOUR DAYS since the new "committee" had been appointed.

  14. 7 March 1996
    The now-famous 23-page HIGH CRIME report written by Randy McDonald on David Miscavige, declaring David Miscavige a Suppressive Person, and providing evidence of federal felonies. It was written as a result of investigating why the Findings and Recommendations of the Committee(s) of Evidence had never been allowed to see the light of day. Many of the issues contained in this report had come up in "pulling the string" on SP Directives, and the Committee members (both sets) had been given much of the information. But the Findings and Recommendations of both seated committees had been suppressed.

  15. 9 May 1996
    Letter FAXed to Randy McDonald from Kurt Weiland, Deputy Commanding Officer of OSA Int, threatening Randy with being declared (as a suppressive person and expelled from the Church) if Randy didn't come to L.A. and show up physically at OSA Int.

  16. 9 May 1996
    Letter from Randy McDonald, FAXed to Kurt Weiland in response to Weiland's FAXed letter of same date (see entry above), and stating that Randy would not be coming to L.A.

  17. 13 May 1996
    2nd letter FAXed from Kurt Weiland to Randy McDonald, following up both Randy's 9 May letter, and a phone call between them that occurred on 11 or 12 May.

  18. 23 May 1996
    Randy McDonald's reply to Kurt Weiland's letter of 13 May (see entry above). In it Randy spells out exactly on what terms he would consider coming to L.A., and exactly what would have to be addressed and accomplished.

  19. 2 June 1996
    Randy McDonald's follow-up to his 23 May letter to Kurt Weiland. There had been no response whatsoever to the 23 May letter. In this letter, Randy attaches print-outs of federal criminal statutes that he feels may be involved, and urges Weiland to contact him. There is no response to this letter, either. The next thing to issue forth from anyone connected with the Church is Randy McDonald's expulsion and declare.

  20. 11 June 1996
    Suppressive Person Declare on Randy McDonald. Boiler-plate generalities and blatantly false accusations are the foundation on which it is built.

  21. 12 June 1996
    Randy McDonald's request to the HCO Area Secretary at Celebrity Centre Nashville for a Committee of Evidence, as is his right per the HCO PL on Suppressive Person declares.

  22. 13 June 1996
    Letter from Randy McDonald to the archivists of these documents, advising them that he had been decleared, and that he was going to pursue handling it on normal Church lines.

  23. 14 June 1996
    Letter FAXed from IJC Al Sternson to Randy McDonald, advising Randy that the policy had been changed (!), blocking the requested Comm Ev on a technicality (that Randy had misrouted the request per the policy revision), and stating that Randy would have to apply to IJC in order to receive a Comm Ev (while making other sly implications).

  24. 16 June 1996
    Randy McDonald's FAXed scathing response to IJC Al Sternson's letter of 14 June (see entry above). Randy attaches a copy of his amended request for a Comm Ev (see entry below), and refers to it in this letter.

  25. 16 June 1996
    Randy's amended request for a Committee of Evidence, routed to Continental Justice Chief East U.S. per the "revised" policy refereneced by IJC Al Sternson in his 14 June letter. Randy demands a Committee of Evidence as his right in policy, and demands that it be convened at Celebrity Centre Nashville, quoting all the relevent policy that requires that it be held there. Randy also spells out all the reasons he believes there will be an attempted effort to force him to come to L.A., and spells out in detail why that would be both impossible and off-policy.

  26. 16 June 1996
    A letter by Randy's wife, Ronni McDonald, to the archivists, containing copies of letters written by several of the McDonald children (Paige, Devin, and Grayson) to IJC Al Sternson, asking him to please handle this situation with their father fairly.

  27. 17 June 1996
    Matthew Veenker's infamous (and hilarious) "KNOWLEDGE REPORT" on Stephen Mitchell, where Veenker freely admits that he (Veenker) intercepted mail not addressed to him (a federal felony) when Mitchell tried to send information to the HCO Area Secretary at CC Nashville in support of Randy McDonald for the anticipated Comm Ev.

  28. 18 June 1996
    Randy McDonald's FAXed letter to the senior OSA Missionaire at CC Nashville advising them to cease and desist any further violation of Randy's civil and constitutional rights, and to cease and desist in their efforts to slander and libel him.

  29. 21 June 1996
    Bill of Particular for Randy McDonald's requested Committee of Evidence, approved by IJC Al Sternson. Naturally, it is ordered that the Committee be held in Los Angeles, making it impossible for Randy to attend.

  30. 22 June 1996
    A letter from IJC Al Sternson advising Randy McDonald that he is "getting the hearing" he requested, and giving vapid justifications for the Committee being convened in L.A.

  31. 24 June 1996
    A HIGH CRIME and FELONY report on IJC Al Sternson, et al. This report lays out in detail the entire chain of events leading up to the declare on Randy McDonald and the Committee of Evidence he requested. It spells out violations of federal criminal codes by the parties named in the report, and explains why all of it has been obstruction of justice, designed to protect and hide the crimes of David Miscavige and his closest associates.

  32. 25 June 1996
    Query of Order on the Committee of Evidence Bill of Particulars.

  33. 25 June 1996
    Query of Order on the Suppressive Person Declare.

  34. 25 June 1996
    Randy McDonald's Letter of Disconnection from David Miscavige, Al Sternson, Kurt Weiland, Lymon Spurlock, et al.

  35. 28 June 1996
    The Committe of Evidence Findings and Recommendations confirming Randy McDonald's Suppressive Person Declare, and finding him guilty of all charges against him (because he didn't show up in L.A. for it).

  36. 29 June 1996
    IJC Al Sternson's cover letter that came to Randy McDonald with a copy of the Findings and Recommendations. Sternson characterizes Randy's charges of federal felonies as "meritless."

  37. 13 July 1996
    Randy McDonald's final letter to the archivists, thanking them for their help, and announcing the finality of the outcome. Randy refers to the enclosure (see entry below) officially relinquishing all his rights to the documents in this index, and releasing them into the public domain.

  38. 13 July 1996
    Enclosure to letter of same date (see entry above) officially relinquishing all his rights to the documents in this index, and releasing them into the public domain.

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