Koigu Painters Palette Ruffles

Construction:  Top Down with 2 needles.
Cuff:    9 inches
Gauge:     6 stitches per inch
Needle Size:  US 1 / 2.25 mm
Yarn Used: Koigu Painters Palette Merino

ALERT!: Please use whatever needle will give YOU the proper gauge!

Note: pattern is a seven stitch repeat and can be used with any cast on that is a multiple of 7 stitches! (56, 63, 70)

Ribbing and Leg:

Cast on 56 stitches.  Join in a ring being careful not to twist. Mark join as the beginning of the round and center of heel.  Divide stitches over 2 needles. (28, 28)   Begin knitting circularly K1, P1 ribbing for approximately 2 inches.
Knit one round even.  Beginning with Needle 1 knit pattern:

Knit leg stitches until desired leg height is reached, ending with round 4.

Begin Heel:

NOTE:  Heel is worked in rows on 28 stitches.

Heel Pattern:
Row 1  Slip 1, *k1, slip 1 repeat across from *
Row 2 and 4  Slip 1, purl across
Row 3 Slip 1, *slip 1, k1  repeat across from * until the last 2 stitches, k2.

Knit in heel pattern until you have 28 heel flap rows.  Heel flap shape should be close to square.  End with a purl row.

Turn Heel as follows:

Row 1:  Sl 1, K15 sts, K2 tog, K1 turn
Row 2:  Sl 1, P5 sts, P2 tog, P1, turn
Row 3:  Sl 1, K6, K2 tog, K1, turn
Row 4:  Sl 1, P7, P2 tog, P1, turn

Repeat rows 3 and 4, increasing 1 additional K or P stitch after the Sl 1 until all side stitches are consumed.  End with a purl row.


Rnd 1:  With needle 1, knit across heel flap.  Pick up and knit 14 stitches from the side of the heel flap plus knit one stitch in the gusset corner.  Knit across needle 2.

Rnd 2:  Using a spare needle, pick up one stitch in the gusset corner and 14 stitches from the side of the heel flap.  Using needle 1, knit these stitches.  Knit the remaining stitches on needle 1 and knit across needle 2.  Stitch count is (47, 28) respectively.

Gusset Decrease and Sock Foot:

Rnd 1:
Needle 1:  K1, SSK, knit until the last 3 stitches  k2 tog, k1.
Needle 2:  Knit around.

Rnd 2:  Knit around.

Repeat these 2 rounds until total stitches equal 56.
Transfer stitches as necessary so that you have returned to your original stitch placement.  (28, 28)

Sock Foot:

Continue knitting in stockinette (Knit around)  until you are approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the top of your longest toe.

Shape Toe:

Rnd 1:
Needle 1:  K1, SSK, knit until the last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1
Needle 2:  K1, SSK, knit until the last 3 stitches, k2 tog, k1.
Rnd 2:   Knit around

Continue in this manner until you have approximately 24 stitches remaining or until sock has your desired toe shape.  Graft toe closed.