Cast - Robey, John D. LeMay, Chris Wiggins, Steven Monarque
Micki Foster
Ryan Dallion
Jack Marshak
Johnny Ventura

Curious Goods
Curious Goods
The Magic Castle
Chinese Restaurant
Record Shop

Recurring Characters

Lewis Vendredi played by R.G. Armstrong --  ("The Inheritance")
                                            ("What a Mother Wouldn't Do")
                                            ("Bottle of Dreams")
                                            ("Doorway to Hell")
                                            ("Night Hunger")
Lloyd played by Barclay Hope -- ("The Inheritance")
                                ("Root of all Evil")
Rashid played by Elias Zarou -- ("Bottle of Dreams")
                                ("Doorway to Hell") 
Vince Ventura played by Sean McCann  --  ("The Prisoner")
                                         ("Bad Penny")
Joanne Mackie played by Gwendolyn Pacey -- ("Vanity's Mirror")
                                           ("Face of Evil")

Family Members of the Characters

Ray Dallion  --    Ryan's Father ("Pipe Dream")
Mrs. Dallion  --   Ryan's Mother ("The Prophecies")
James Dallion  --  Ryan's Brother ("The Scarecrow" + "The Prophecies")
Cawley Marshack -- Jack's Father ("Midnight Riders")
Peter Marshack --  Jack's Son ("Bottle of Dreams")
J.B.  --           Micki's Nephew ("A Friend Till the End")

Notable Guest Stars

Ray Walston  --    Jay Star ("Tales of the Undead")
Vanity  --         Angelica ("Mesmer's Bauble")
Fritz Weaver --    Astaroth ("The Prophecies")
Tia Carrere  --    Michiko Tanaka("Year of the Monkey")
Sarah Polley  --   Mary ("The Inheritance")
Billy Drago  --    Edgar Van Horne ("Read My Lips")
Nigel Bennett  --  Colonel Rausch/Eric Walden ("The Butcher")

Recurring Actors

Denis Forest --     Eddie Monroe ("Cupid's Quiver")
                    Stewart Pangborn ("Brain Drain")
                    Donald Wren ("The Memphisto Ring")
                    Aubrey Ross ("My Wife as a Dog")
Kate Trotter --     Effie Stokes ("Quilt of Hathor" part 1 & 2)       
                    Dr. Avril Carter ("And Now the News")
                    Anne Holloway ("Repetition")
Nancy Cser --       Genevieve ("The Spirit of Television")
                    Contessa ("The Charnal Pit")
Kay Tremblay --     Amanda ("Root of All Evil")
                    Mrs. Cromwell ("Repetition")
Doris Petrie --     Dr. Price ("Doctor Jack")
                    Mrs. Wren ("The Mephisto Ring")
Tara Meyer --       Amanda ("Better Off Dead")
                    Christina ("The Prophecies" part 1 & 2)
Lynne Cormack --    Mrs. Simms ("The Inheritance")
                    Leslie Kent ("What A Mother Wouldn't Do")
David Ferry --      Tommy Dunn ("Shadow Boxer")
                    Walter Cromwell ("Repitition")
Bernard Behrens --  Inquisitor Holmes ("The Quilt of Hathor, part two: The Awakening")
                    Barney ("The Pirate's Promise")
                    Robert E. Lee ("Eye of Death")
Ingrid Veninger --  Helen Mackie ("Vanity's Mirror")
                    Skye ("13 o'Clock")
Susannah Hoffman -- Caitlin ("The Baron's Bride")
                    Marie Chase ("Wax Magic")
Tom McCamus --      Frank Edwards ("The Baron's Bride")
                    Atticus Rook ("Eye of Death")
Cyndy Preston --    Grace Colwell ("The Maestro")
                    Stephanie ("The Charnal Pit")
Martin Neufeld --   Robert ("The Great Montarro")
                    Howard Moore ("The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble")
Colin Fox --        Le Croix ("The Poisen Pen")
                    Sylvan ("Tails I Live, Heads You Die")
                    Mueller ("The Butcher")
Justin Louis --     Eddie ("Doorway to Hell")
                    Danny ("Wedding Bell Blues")
Carolyn Dunn --     Laurie Warren ("Cupid's Quiver")
                    Laura Grange("Quilt of Hathor" part 1 & 2)
                    Maya Zettler("Wedding in Black")
Monika Schnarre --  Sandy Thomerson ("Face of Evil")
                    Lisa Caldwell ("Epitaph for a Lonely Soul")
Neil Munro --       Warren Voss ("Better Off Dead")
                    Eli Leonard ("Epitaph for a Lonely Soul")
                    Marquis de Sade ("The Charnal Pit")
Colm Feore --       Alex Dent ("Mightier Than the Sword")
                    Anton Pascal ("The Maestro")
Wayne Best --       Adam Cole ("Stick it in Your Ear")
                    Brock Garrett ("Jack-in-the-Box")
                    Brad Farrell ("The Playhouse")
Lisa Jakub --       Kristin ("A Cup Of Time")
                    Janine Carlson ("The Playhouse")
Angelo Rizacos --   Eli Pittman ("The Electrocutioner")
                    Aldwin Chase ("Wax Magic")
                    Mike Hegley ("The Long Road Home")
Donna Goodhand --   De Jagger ("A Friend to the End")
                    Marion Frazer ("Mightier Than the Sword")
Barclay Hope --     Lloyd (Recurring as Micki's fiance)
                    Steve Wells ("Epitaph for a Lonely Soul")
Robert Silverman -- Jerry Scott ("Faith Healer")
                    Archie Pierce ("Hate on Your Dial")
Leonard Chow --     Tommy Chen ("Tattoo")
                    Koji ("Year of the Monkey")
Elva Mae Hoover --  Jean Flappen ("Doctor Jack")
                    Joanne Hendrick ("The Sweetest Sting")
James Douglas --    Charlie Cobean ("Scarecrow")
                    Dr. Thomas Lamar ("The Shaman's Apprentice")
Catherine Disher -- Cathy ("Double Exposure")
                    Crystal ("Coven of Darkness")
Tony De Santis --   Detective ("Double Exposure")
                    Roger ("Mesmer's Bauble")
                    Bar Patron ("Mightier Than the Sword")
Frank Adamson --    Warden Hobbs ("The Electrocutioner")
                    Warden ("The Prisoner")
Thomas Hauff --     Harvey O'Connor ("Root of all Evil")
                    Dewey Covington ("The Pirate's Promise")
                    Prison Chaplain ("Mightier Than the Sword")
Nick Nichols --     Buck Clemens ("Pipe Dream")
                    Dominic Fiorno ("Night Hunger")
David Orth --       Scott Thomas ("Vanity's Mirror")
                    Vance Cassidy ("Demon Hunter")
                    Tommy Betz ("Midnight Riders")
Von Flores --       A.J. ("Tattoo")
                    Hito ("Year of the Monkey")
Chas Lawther --     Phil ("Stick It In Your Ear")
                    Bernie Bell ("Read My Lips")
Ron Hartmann --     Henry Wilkerson ("13 O'Clock")
                    Administrator ("The Electrocutioner")
Jill Hennessey --   Secretary ("Year of the Monkey")
                    Lifegaurd ("Jack-in-the-Box")
Belinda Metz --     Sylvia Carlson ("The Playhouse")
                    Jane Chalfont ("The Prisoner")
                    Jessica ("The Spirit of Television")
Lori Hallier --     Helen Garret ("Jack-in-the-Box")
                    Real Estate Agent ("The Voodoo Mambo")


Atom Egoyan -- Cupid's Quiver (First episode of F-13:TS filmed)

William Fruet -- The Inheritance
                 Vanity's Mirror
                 Doorway to Hell
                 Wax Magic
                 Face of Evil
                 The Shaman's Apprentice
                 Bad Penny
                 Tree of Life
Timothy Bond -- The Poison Pen
                Shadow Boxer
                The Quilt of Hathor
                The Voodoo Mambo
                Eye of Death
                The Maestro
                Crippled Inside
Rodney Charters -- Wedding In Black
                   Year of the Monkey
David Winning -- The Sweetest Sting
                 Scarlet Cinema
Lyndon Chubbuck -- Tales of the Undead
                   Brain Drain
Neill Fearnley -- Double Exposure
                  What a Mother Wouldn't Do
Bruce Pittman -- And Now The News
                 The Memphisto Ring
Francis Delia -- Symphony in B#
                 The Butcher
                 Femme Fatale
Tom McLoughlin -- Master of Disguise
                  The Playhouse
                  The Prophecies
Rob Hedden -- 13 O'clock
              The Electrocutioner
Armand Mastroianni -- Better Off Dead
                      The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble
                      The Prisoner
                      Night Prey
                      Mightier Than the Sword
                      My Wife as a Dog
                      The Charnal Pit
Jorge Montesi -- Wedding Bell Blues
                 The Spirit of Television
Allan Eastman -- Hate On Your Dial
                 Midnight Riders
Allan Kroeker -- Epitaph For a Lonely Soul
                 The Long Road Home


Jim Henshaw  -- Doorway to Hell
                Night Hunger
                Face of Evil
                The Prisoner
                Midnight Riders
                My Wife as a Dog
                The Charnal Pit
William Taub  --  The Inheritance
Durnford King  --  The Poison Pen
                   The Great Montarro
	           Double Exposure
Rob Hedden  -- The Root of All Evil
               13 O'clock ( and Director )
               The Electrocutioner ( and Director )
               Scarlet Cinema
Marc Scott Zicree  -- Doctor Jack
                      Pipe Dream
Alfred Sole and Paul Monette -- Tales of the Undead
Tom McLoughlin -- The Playhouse ( and Director )
                  The Prophecies ( and Director )
Joshua Daniel Miller -- Shadow Boxer
                        Brain Drain
Carl Binder  -- The Pirate's Promise
                Wax Magic
                Epitaph For a Lonely Soul
                The Long Road Home
Roy Sallows  -- Badge of Honor
                Bottle of Dreams
                Eye of Death
Angelo Stea and Peter Lauterman -- Read My Lips
                                   Wedding In Black
Peter Mohan  -- Symphony in B#
                Night Prey
Bruce Martin  -- What a Mother Wouldn't Do
                 Master of Disguise
                 Better Off Dead
Nancy Ann Miller -- Wedding Bell Blues
                    Hate On Your Dial