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Welcome to a place where heroes have flaws, heroines behave badly, and the villian is sometimes the nicer person. Here the scoundrel is more interesting and the paragon doesn't exist.
Isn't this usually the case in real life?
    My worlds may not resemble yours, my ideas may give you the queasies, and my characters may not be what you expect. Let me know! I probably won't change them, but I will give all comments the appropriate amount of thought and will respond to most queries.
My writing is intended for adults, please be one if you proceed. jh

My Finished Novels Choose between:
The White Lady: A historical story with romance and mild erotica.
length: 125,000 words

The Secrets of Katie Zurin: A vampiric story with a mystery and mild erotica.
length 108,000 words

As Pretty Girls Do: An adventure story of alien abduction and explicit sexuality.
length 85,000 words
Small Things

Short stories and poetry. Three vampire tales -
Aurora Universe creampuffs and sundry erotic sci-fi stuff.

The Story Of Nov'ayul

Aurora Universe story about a Vel and her origins.
Adult content

Part One: Questlings

Part Two: Exile (partial)

New and Incomplete Projects
Schism - Updated 10/15
Blondes and Blades -Updated 10/15
Emerald City (4 chapters as of 10/15)
Chestnut Eyes (3 chapters as of 9/1)

The Road Goes On.

Oh! The Places You'll Go.
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