.Dont feel like doing anything today..
Well went to grandma's yesterday, on the way through the hell like weather saw 3 accidents, one person spun ut in front of us, scary, but true.. School starts tomorrow after march break, read all the readings for philosophy test tomorrow. Still am going to look over definitions. Got an expansion card for palm on friday, only 64, but I dont need much cause I wont be doing a lot. Its gonna mostly be used for storing documents from school, if I can configure WordSmith to do so..
G2 test in 2 days, so excited and scared trying to stay calm though reviewing book thing u need to get g1. Wish me luck and I am off to play some vice city...
blogged by: Joe on Monday 22 March 2004

.10 Reasons I like living in Canada
I will first start off with a little blog thing here.. So far today I have cleaned the house but still have to make my bead. Yea, i've never really liked making my bed, its "boring" and takes up too much time espically on school days cause I have to get out of bed get dressed, comb hair (sometimes) brush teeth (yea right) and then get something to eat for breakfast and get on the comp for an exciting 20min and then get back upstairs and get lunch out of fridge (prepared night before) and be on my way to wait up for peter and finish my lengthy 3 min walk to school lol
Cousins coming over and yea, nough said.
10 Reasons I like living in Canada
well I had just finished typing the top 10 reasons why I like living in Canada and found that they were all in one way or another bashing America. Along with Soldeir the 12 yr old idiot n00b that lives close to Tim the idiot Hoffmyer (Holland, Michigan). So I have refrained from posting them, if you really wanna see them im me and I will see what I can do.. I was inspiried to post this because of (3 reasons)1st the recent movie I saw called Bowling for Columbine. 2nd msn is down.. 3rd I jst dled the Daft Punk album and all the songs are in AAC format
blogged by: Joe on Friday 19 March 2004

.Mozilla FireFox is 1000000000000000000000 times better than ie
Man this browser rocks. Kilrae (friend from school) reminded me about it. I heard about it from TechTV a long time ago, but never dled it. I did yesterday and it of course did everything I knew it to do from the demos on tv (along with reccomendations). Plus FireFox imported my bookmarks automatically from ie. Its pretty awesome.
Back in the day (when I started using computers) the only browser that was used was Netscape. We had version 1, 2 and 3. After that we dled the others up until 4.6 when we switched over to ie. Then we have been straight on ie until now with FireFox.
A breakdown of the features I currently know about
1. Tabbed browsing, I dont know how I can live without it now.
2. Cool Google toolbar thing (might be there because I have the one for ie.
3. Auto Pop-up blocking (built in )
4. A lot faster on loading pages than ie.
5. Auto Importing Bookmarks
6. Small size altogether
7. Not to many bugs (most programs have bugs, although I havent come across any in this browser..)
8. Fianlly, the best feature I have found so far is *drum roll* the way it displays pages. I dont have to say anything else after I give you this link. Kilrae.ca View it once in ie and then in FireFox.
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 18 March 2004

.Music Uploading..
Well I lost my usb cd key thing that I use to transfer my music downstairs to the internet computer. So why the am I telling you this you ask.. Well today I am installing updates for XP and I need a net connection so I had to bring my computer downstairs. Its right beside me and I am uploading all my new mixes. For some reason I think the host for this website is slow, cause it took a while to connect to the ftp. Or it could be rogers again. Either way its uploading and thats all the matters. I like this keyboard I am using atm its a spare one that isnt used much. *thinks about taking it*. I might I find that I can type 4 times faster than I can with the Microsoft one and my TurboMedia one. Maybe its the table that everything is on. Its all good.... I am listening to my mixes too. I will get some pics of my comp soon, have to get my camera first... No other updates except Messiahsoft.Net is back. Serex is having trouble getting ideas, so go there now and post um!!
blogged by: Joe on Wednesday 17 March 2004

.10,000 hits!!!!!
Well we have finally reached the 10,000 hit mark. Heres a screenie I took out of luck I was the 10,001th person.

Not much else to add except that we have like 4 new affs, its amazing how many ppl wanna aff with me and vice versa..
blogged by: Joe on Tuesday 16 March 2004

.1 more day!!!
I was inspired to blog because of The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson. Which should be the "Currently Listening to:" part.
As you may or may not know theres one more day until Spring Break aka March Break Yes as you can see I am very happy, one week with no school and a shitload of hw. Ok, now I am feeling a little bumbed out, but atleast Calc was cancelled today. Now I have Peter bugging me on msn about Jon and I not waiting up for him, when of course we didnt know where he was.........
blogged by: Joe on Friday 12 March 2004

.Futurama Helped me and it can help you!
Well we had a Physics test today and one of the questions was that an astronaut was stranded 10m away from his ship, he has a compressed gas tank. How can he make it back to the ship? If you saw the futurama episode where the crew goes to the moon to drop off a package. Leela takes fry on a moon adventure thing and fry didnt want to see the crappy "moon pirate thing" so he went off the track that they were on and did some of their own exploring. When they get caught in quick sand or something to that nature, leela uses their oxygen tank and opens the tank to let out their oxygen and they fly out of the crater. By doing this the astronaut could let out some of the compressed gas from the tank and therefore fly his way to safety.
Let this be a lesson to everyone, watching Futurama is not just another one of those "cartoons" that has no meaning. Its a learning experience for everyone!
blogged by: Joe on Tuesday 9 March 2004

.just another day..
Heh, I wasnt on last night and i got a shit load of comments on the tagger. Yea drewtemp i know that they can use a proxy, but what else am I gonna do? Let them go nuts on the tagger. I just wanted them to have to work if they wanted to come back, by means of a proxy. If their that committed to say gay things on the tagger, then what the hell can I do?
ty for the happy birthdays, Luke, Dan, Peter and others..
o ya, me from the tagger is IP: Host: HSE-Toronto-ppp308509.sympatico.ca
blogged by: Joe on Monday 8 March 2004

.new hostee!
well Dextra Networks has a new hostee. Hes a good friend of mine Vash. His site is http://vash.dextra.ws
Plus I made the countdown thing to the 8th cause the I found out that the server is approx. 1 day ahead of me.
blogged by: Joe on Sunday 7 March 2004

.more updates.
Well its friday, another week is over, more stuff coming. I am in the website mood, so I am gonna try to get dextra networks 80% done.
O and the count down thing below this post is of course in accurate unless u live in i think its australia or the uk. (Where the server is located.) Cause its using the server's time to determine how much time is left t'ill March 7, 2004 @ 7am.
blogged by: Joe on Saturday 6 March 2004

.How many days until my birthday!!
here it is. It should work via php includes (theoritically..) Hit F5 for an updated countdown.
2 weeks 7 hours 51 minutes 54 seconds since Joes 18th birthday!

blogged by: Joe on Thursday 4 March 2004

.3 posts in one day wow!
version 12 has brought me many hits and many new affiliates. I dont plan on changing this layout anytime soon. I plan to keep the site the way it is, getting a new aff every once and a while. I still have to get dextra networks up i made a beta, but havent finished the final version. I might scrap it and make something totally new (well now that I think of it, yes I will..) And I am still debating on whether or not to make a limp bizkit dedication site. tell me if I should on the tagger.
oh ya and feel free to erm bomb this guy this must be his schools isp, aminal.feut.utoronto.ca IP:
This is his home one, go nuts there too
Toronto-HSE-ppp3661590.sympatico.ca IP:

I will make one more post after this today and it will have the countdown thing in it (for my birthday) php of course..
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 4 March 2004

.what da ya think?
What do you think if i were to make a limp-bizkit dedication site. It would be very easy. I mean I made this site and its pretty cool. How hard could It be. It would take me one night. And it would be hella better than most of the limp fan sites out there.
Im listening to the music thing on limp's official site. I could if I didnt buy the cd leech the flash nav there, and get all the 4 songs, cause its so easy to do, but meh! thats what happens when u put 4 songs form the album on the site (full songs)... And yea, off to school..
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 4 March 2004

.9000 hits :D
Well weve hit the 9000 mark. Well actually last night we did, but I was to busy to post lol
then theres the search engines' bots, my god do they ever stop?
Had a hectic week so far. Was going to have a physics test tomorrow, but because basically everyone in the class has 3 test in 3 days (would of) its now monday!!! So more time to study and do better than I would of.
I am going to add a countdown script in one of my posts when I have time to configure one!
until then...
blogged by: Joe on Wednesday 3 March 2004

.be civilized or be banned@!
Because of the hatred posted on the tagboard lately I have been forced to implement new strict laws on posting on the tagger to the right.
1. The tagboard is only to be used for comments towards my site or from what the previous person posted.
2. If you would like to linkup with me, plz go to the "link me" page 6th down the menu, not on the tagboard. If you cant read "link me" then get the fuck off this site.
3. Posting of childish comments on the tagboard are strictly prohibitted and if your caught you will be banned indefinetly!
4. Posting of hatred towards me or others is dually strictly prohibitted and the same consequences as above will be taken.
Since these rules are new, I will wave the current posts now by editing them. But be warned next time this happens your gone. This childish act is part of my new ZERO TOLERANCE RULE!
thats basically all the updates for now...
blogged by: Joe on Monday 1 March 2004

Well it seems that dextra.ws has hit an all time high of almost 3gb of bandwidth for one month . Mainly cause of the launch of this site and dans. I would of posted this tomorrow, but I will be as busy as hell. I have homework up to my eyes and if theres anything I have forgotten, I might have hw over my head.
Then again 8 more days t'ill my birthday.
t'ill monday....
blogged by: Joe on Sunday 29 February 2004

.I finally have my own music site..
Well I finally found an alternative to mp3.com. its http://joem.hearusplay.com
I will use thier crappy templates for the time being. And also until I have time to make a site of my own to show off my music. Its pretty easy to update. I will when I make my site sorta like this one. Although I will have an anti-leech thing among other things. Well back to watching the simpsons..
blogged by: Joe on Saturday 28 February 2004

.90 days left arghh..
Well there appears to only be 90 days left until this domain dextra.ws needs to be renewed. Now I plan to renew this domain for another year. I turn 18 soon... Soooooooo I will be renewing, i just have to contact godaddy about using a cheque or something other than a cc. I will wait until im 18 and have my cheque book and stuff.. Not much more to post except that the googlebot and the msnbot (for search.msn.com) have visited the site along with someone from Japan :S
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 26 February 2004

.admin area added!
ok, the admin area is added. Just for me And other friends
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 26 February 2004

yup it didnt take that long to make the seperator just testin it out..
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 26 February 2004

.what to do?
I've been very lazy lately, not updating or adding stuff. Still havent made my Admin Area. But I will now. It will only take me around 5 min. Going to some "Career Fair" thing tonight. What a way to waste a night away. So I have to work my but off to get all my hw done. Plus I have a Calculus Summative tomorrow (yea its only the beginning of the semester but its Calculus. Still have to finish reading my book. So when I get home I will probably be doing that. Besides nothing good comes on tonight except That 70s Show @ 8. *sets up the vcr to record it*. This has been a long blog. I had better also get rid of that hideous horizontal line that divides every post. Time to open up good ol photoshop and fix that too.
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 26 February 2004

.another monday..
long time no post... Been busy with school. It takes a lot of my time now. I have an extremely hard semester. So you probably wont c anything new for now. Maybe next weekend, if I have some time (not too many tests and so forth). I will continue to get more affiliates. But content wise you will have to wait.....
blogged by: Joe on Monday 23 February 2004

.quick update...
Ok, I dont have like any hw tonight so I might bw working on the site again. Although I also want to work on a site to feature my music. Sooo If you dont c any updates tonight, I am either studying for school, playing The Simpsons Hit & Run ooor I am working on my music site. If im not doing all that then I am mixing.
Well for now I am going to be playing some hit and run
blogged by: Joe on Friday 20 February 2004

ok, hw ic complete, just have to review over some notes and I am set for the quix in calc tomorrow!
Down to business, I am after posting this going to get working on the comments addon. It may be up today or not, will get some beta testers and whatnot. Then I have to work on the admin area, new and improved. you need a username and password this time. Im gonna use htaccess this time virtually inhackable! Better start coding!
blogged by: Joe on Monday 16 February 2004

.quick update..
i havent had time lately to blog or add new stuff needed to the site. but when i get home tonight i will. Cause fridays my "day off" where i do NOTHING! so yea its all good!
if you havent noticed i made the tagboard a bit bigger cause of the long messages being posted and not being able to see the other responses/posts. That should end once I code my comments addon tonight...

blogged by: Joe on Saturday 14 February 2004

.not much new..
Well I had homework up to my eyes literally yesterday. So I had no time to code the comment system addon nor the new admin area. Its going to be more challenging this time cause ur gonna need a username and pass to access it. Good luck Flammable
Not much else to post except when I have time I will do massive upgrades
blogged by: Joe on Wednesday 11 February 2004

.updats and so forth..
Since Vash's huge ass post on the tagger I plan to make a simple comments script. I have it all figured out. Not gonna mention much in this quick post but it will work and everytime u post a comment ur "info" including the comment posted will be logged in a safe place
I will also re code the admin area cause to access news and stuff I have had to go to the url on my site. This will make it much easier to change a shit load of stuff on the site and check on my good ol referrers
blogged by: Joe on Tuesday 10 February 2004

.since when does if u know the person or not matter?
As the title says........ I've been going to his site for ages since version 3 i think it was with the robot dude. Well thats over now. Never going there again.
In other news made one more mix and am 1 more step closer to finishing dextra networks
blogged by: Joe on Monday 9 February 2004

It really pays to plug ur site on http://fuckingmotherfucker.com i just found out I have gotten 288 hits from them. I have also gotten 2 link trade requests. Added 3 new affiliates.
I have been working on Dextra Networks already have the layout partially done its looking really good. Lots of great feedback so far.
I also talked to my good friend pulkit in england hes there to study medicine for 3yrs.
well better get back to iming and working on dextra networks
blogged by: Joe on Sunday 8 February 2004

.Im a musician@!
Ok, I did some music mixes back in grade 11 but got side tracked and moved on to more php. (Already was starting). My mixes are pretty good (to me). I made 2 last night cause I was inspired for some reason. One took 20minutes to make. So I called it twenty minute. The other took around 10-15 (before I went to bed) so I called it Quickie.. If u wanna listen or dl them go here Once I can get an mp3.com account I will take them down and go there. But until then happy listening!
blogged by: Joe on Saturday 7 February 2004

.Welcome everyone!!!!
Welcome to yet another version of Joe's Blog. This time we are one version 12.
If you would like to link-up with Joe's Blog go to the contact page and email me! I will have a script setup soon to handle affiliate requests. For current affiliates if you could put my new button up it would be very appreciated. I will re-apply for most. Except tdh2.net cause Scooby uses 88x31's and I dont have one atm.
Here is the only link button available atm The url to use when linking is http://joe.dextra.ws.
Dan from Cerebum made the 88x11 link button!

this is all I can think of to post atm. latar
blogged by: Joe on Thursday 5 February 2004

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