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January 2004
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Congratulations to Christina Kaplan of Newtown, PA!
Christina is the second winner of the "My Favorite Newtown Event" Coloring Contest. Here's a list of what she won!

  • artwork displayed on the web site,
  • a $10.00 savings account at Commerce Bank,
  • a free ice cream cone at Goodnoe Family Restaurant,
  • a Newtown Athletic Club Fun Pack-FREE Trial Kids Class, Small Smoothie and NAC Snacks, NAC Water Bottle filled with candy sweets.

Pickering Easter Egg Hunt Christina Kaplan
My Favorite Newtown Event is Pickering Easter Egg Hunt! Christina Kaplan of Newtown, PA

You could be the next winner! All you need to do is print and mail in this flyer.

What is Newtown Calendar?
Many of us consider economic planning to be the province of the federal or state government. Newtown Borough and Newtown Township consider it to be a responsibility of local government. A vibrant business community provides goods and services near our homes. A healthy economic climate protects everyones property values and reduces the need to tax residential properties. The two municipalities are acutely aware of the interdependence of the residents and the businesses, and the need to foster respect for each other. By focusing on the economy of our area, specific business needs can be addressed, residents will have a wider variety of choices, more job opportunities and we will compete more effectively with other commercial districts. Newtown has a proud heritage of small town Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Planning for our economic health is as basic and necessary as planning for the use of our land. The wherewithal to preserve our historic properties will come through economically viable, adaptive reuse of our treasured buildings and spaces. Join with us to provide the means, literally, to sustain our heritage.

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