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The Internet Essays Of John Kaminski

The false fabric of History is unraveling beneath an avalanche of pathological lies to justify endless war and Orwellian new laws that revoke the rights of all Americans. While TV and newspapers glorify the dangerous ideas of perverted billionaires, the Internet has pulsated with outrage and provided a new and real forum for freedom among concerned people all over the world who are opposed to the mass murder and criminal exploitation of the defenseless victims of multinational corporate totalitarianism.

Bold new writers have stepped forward to challenge those lies. Prominent among them is John Kaminski, whose passionate essays have sprung up like mushrooms all across the World Wide Web. Kaminski gives voice to those same hopes and fears of humane people that are ignored by the big business shysters who rule the major media.

"If we let them get away with their lies, we’re goners," Kaminski rages. Thousands of people are listening, and cheering. Over the last decade, a growing legion of fans has recognized the outraged rhetoric of John Kaminski to be a reliable chronicle of government hypocrisy containing realistic suggestions about how to derail the war machine. A newspaper editor for 30 years, Kaminski’s current essays appear on hundreds of websites throughout the world, and are passed around informally among thousands of readers. All these people share his goal: genuine freedom for all people, and jail for the greedy goons who attempt to enslave us.

Mainstream media are hopelessly poisoned by big business billionaires who cover up the truth for profit. So-called alternative media are often subtly manipulated by the CIA and foreign powers, yet hoodwink many into thinking they're fighting for freedom when they really aren't. But millions of Internet readers around the world have come to learn that John Kaminski's incisive essays provide information and conclusions that can't be found in high-priced publications or on hip websites.

Now comes a collection of columns that have circled the globe in cyberspace and elicited thankful praise from Pakistan to New Zealand and most places in between, columns that clearly demonstrate the criminals are in charge and must be stopped by the people.

The Internet Essays Of John Kaminski

Published by Dandelion Books,
it sells for $18.95, add $5 shipping and handling
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Order by mail
(check, cash or money order)
18.95, add $5 shipping and handling
U.S. domestic, $7 in Canada, $9 elsewhere

John Kaminski,
250 N. McCall Rd. #2,
Englewood FL 34223

eMail: skylax@comcast.net

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Having trouble convincing your friends and family that the U.S. government is lying to us
and that the so-called
terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001
were actually an inside job?

Here is the evidence you need
to change their minds!

You will read about:

• The lies our leaders told us
to cover up the crime.

• Arab terrorists didn’t hijack the planes.

• The Twin Towers didn’t collapse,
they exploded.

• Why evidence was destroyed
and suppressed.

• How the military let the attacks happen.

• Fake cellphone calls
and bogus box cutters.

• Foreknowledge made millions
for investors.

• No jetliner ever hit the Pentagon.

• The Patriot Act was ready and waiting for 9/11 and took away your freedom.

And other astonishing details of the most tragic day in American history in a story much more believable than the story the government has told us,
full of evidence that all points to
the need to indict U.S. leaders
for treason, mass murder,
and obstruction of justice.

Read more..


"John Kaminski's America's Autopsy Report is a searing — and riveting — tour de force of the essential issues most people probably would never know about if not for the Internet. Kaminski's brilliant reportage and commentary are among the most popular features posted on rense.com. John Kaminski is a writer whose time has come. "— Jeff Rense,
 (7 million hits per week)

"In a voice almost too bold to contemplate, John Kaminski turns our attention toward the unspeakable: religious bigotry, vile stupidity in high places, and a bottomless pit of hatred in the world. Reading his essays will spin your head; you will be turned on a dime to his way of thinking." — Joan d'Arc, Paranoia magazine

"Kaminski's insights are not just for these times ... but for those future generations who might smell a rat somewhere and need some help to figure out where the stench is coming from." — Gary G. Kohls, MD, Every Church A Peace Church

"Like Noam Chomsky, (Kaminski) should be considered a national treasure among those who still hold out hope of resurrecting the heart & soul of America from the greasy clutches of the cryptocracy." — B.Z. Botani, MetaMagic Media, Hawai'i

"John Kaminski tells it like it is. His writings are brave, bold and to those who can really ‘see,’ as truthful as it gets. John is fearless in exposing the coup in America and the dastardly consequences for all life on Earth under the illegal regime we find ourselves in America. I highly recommend taking the time to read and absorb this book cover to cover." — Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show, #1 talk show on the net; author of The Awakening of An American, How My Country Broke My Heart

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