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Learning & Development Training
Human Resource Management (AHR)


Self-development includes those activities in which individuals take personal responsibility for their own learning. These include: 

Formal Education

This training can be college courses, lectures, conferences, short courses, etc. The agency is supportive of employee's self-development efforts and will accommodate employee's work schedules for educational endeavors when operationally possible. Additionally, when the agency budget permits, employees may be able to apply for tuition reimbursement for job related programs. Consult with your local training officer. (See FAPM 410.12b)
  • College Credit for Life Experience. Many colleges give college credit to adults for their life experience. Credit is based on an evaluation of your life experiences. Credits can also be earned by taking college course equivalency examinations. Your local college or university can give you information on such programs.
  • College Credit for FAA Training. Over 200 FAA courses have been evaluated by the American Council on Education. Your local college or university will tell whether they accept ACE credit recommendations. This booklet also offers information on degree programs which combine independent study, credit recommendations, course equivalency examinations, and other individually tailored self-paced methods to earning a degree.

Participation in Professional Organizations

Professional organizations afford an opportunity for the exchange of practical information with colleagues in and outside the government. Interaction with others sharing occupational and/or avocational interests can contribute to professional growth. (See FAPM 410.12c

Voluntary Committee Participation

Participation in Employee Forum Committees, Federal Women's Program Committees, Quality Circles, etc., provides experience in problem solving, data gathering, group dynamics, team work, and communications. 

CMD Lending Library

One method of self-study is education by films, cassettes, and books. A copy of the CMD Lending Library Catalog should be available in all facilities/offices. 

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