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Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA)

Building E

The Department of Computer and Information Science was founded in 1983, but the roots go back to the early seventies. It is one of the largest departments for computer and information science in northern Europe, with more than 270 employees of which over 70 Ph.Ds on the faculty, including 18 full professors. Approximately 180 postgraduate students are enrolled in the department's Ph.D. programmes, including more than 90 doctoral students holding salaried positions.

The department's research covers a broad spectrum, from computer systems and core computer science-including theory, programming languages and programming environments, real-time systems, artificial intelligence, information security, intelligent systems, logic and databases-to applications such as embedded systems, cognitive systems, economic information systems, computational linguistics, information systems and autonomous systems.

The department offers more than 35 Ph.D. courses annually, and roughly 180 undergraduate courses for 1000 full time computer science and information systems students enrolled at the Institute of Technology and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.