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Distribute your NARRATED PowerPoint presentations thru email or the web without sending your PowerPoint files to the user.
Converted Presentation file sizes are up to 7 times smaller.

Do-It-Yourself Kit  available NOW at 50% off until April 15th!  Only $49.00


(Screen Shot above)

Samples: Turn up your speakers to hear the narration! Note:  these look best at 1024x768 screen settings.  You can make your converted files fit 800 x 600 screens as an option.

1. Click here for a Demo: Original PowerPoint with narration was 3.8 Megs; converted presentation is only 509 KB and plays at only 42k b/s with full screen playback.

(Remember: Escape key will exit full page and let you pause, stop, skip around and you can click on the push pin in the upper left of the media player screen to make the controls stay visible during full screen playback.)

2. Demo Two: (same with more graphics in background)

3. Demo Three: Media player is embedded into a webpage

4. Demo Four: High Bandwidth with Animations. Note, much higher bandwidth (208K)

5. Demo Five: Low Bandwidth Demo of Text effects and slide transitions!  Original PPT file was 1.9M, Demo is only 313 KB! 

6. Demo Six:  Pop Up Presentation in separate Media Player.  This is an overview of the do-it-yourself kit.

Includes Microsoft Windows Media Technology

If you need to update your Windows Media Player, click hereGet Windows Media Player

Flexible distribution options:

  •  Email presentations with Narration intact up to 15 minutes in length (under 1 MB file size).
  •  Embed presentation in web page for viewing only (no download) at speeds as low as 12 k/sec dial-up speeds.
  • Distribute presentations on CD without users needing PowerPoint or PowerPoint View.









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