This site is under Constriction  Mrs. Fauzia Amin (Neena) founded Kanishka in the year 1984. From then on it has been an uphill journey in making the simple housewives of Bangladesh to be more aware of fashion and latest trends and in short make themselves look more attractive clad in sarees which has come out of the hand looms of our own country

As Kanishka had grown big in size and reputation so has the number of people working for the organization. It has now over 300 people working for it, mostly women. This has opened a big opportunities for the village women of this country who themselves in their small way has found a stronger ground to stand upon.

Kanishka is one of the first to introduce many new aspects in traditional sarees. It has never feared to venture into new areas in the hope of offering something different each year and is proud to stay that it has successfully done exactly so.

Apart from devoting her whole time in the two branches of Kanishka located in two of the most posh areas of Dhaka Dhanmondi & Gulshan Neena Amin is also the treasurer of WEAB (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh) and an EC member of Banglacraft; both organization working very herd to take Bangladeshi products at a new level both at home & foreign market.

Kanishka is well known not only for its exclusive designs but also for maintaining high quality which are offered at competitive prices. Its goal now is to make the name familiar in the international market.

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