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In the Spring and Summer of 2000, New York City was engulfed in grassroots protest surrounding several widely covered incidents of brutality by the New York Police Department. Helicopters, riot police, megaphones, banners, chanting, anger and hope filled the streets. I wanted to document these protests from the perspectives of organizers and event participants alike because I felt strongly that there needed to be a street level record of what motivated people to take action. I hope these stories inspire you as they do me.
March for Dignity & Amnesty, New York City, May 1, 2000

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table of contents

Demonstrator at Anti Guilliani Rally
April 20, 2000 Anti-Guiliani Rally
April 29, 2000 Talk by Jean Day of Free Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
May 1, 2000 Anthony Williams & Louis Haggins of Picture the Homeless
May 1, 2000 March for Dignity & Amnesty for Undocumented Workers
May 1, 2000 Black Block vs. Cops on Mayday
May 6, 2000 Raising Consciousness II at The New School
May 6, 2000 Student Liberation Action Movement - Mumia Benefit Concert
May 10, 2000 Charas Community Center vs. Gentrification
May 13, 2000 Metropolitan Museum of Art Workers Strike
May 19, 2000 Campaign to End the Death Penalty - Harlem Town Hall
May 19, 2000 Special Appeal from Sherod McCormick


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