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For the past two thousand years, Christians and Moslems and every other religious group that has had the opportunity have been proselytizing to the Jews, telling them what their religious duty should be. The Jews, by contrast, have never actively sought converts to their own religion. Perhaps this is why few people realize that Judaism, too, has something to say about what should be the religious duty of the non–Jewish peoples of the world. This book summarizes the Jewish teachings on this subject to inform and guide the Gentiles, or descendants of Noah. Jewish readers will also be interested in learning about this little–known area of Jewish study.

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Click Here to buy this book at Introduction Chapter One: Historical Overview Chapter Two: Knowing G-d Chapter Three: Returning to G-d Chapter Four: The Seven Laws of the Children of Noah Chapter Five: Idolatry Chapter Six: Blasphemy Chapter Seven: Murder Chapter Eight: Sexual Relations Chapter Nine: Theft Chapter Eleven: Courts of Law Honoring Father & Mother Chapter Thirteen: Charity Chapter Fourteen: Sacrifices Chapter Fifteen: Prayer

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The Path of the Righteous Gentile
  The Path of the Righteous Gentile is an original treatise on the Seven Laws of Noah. Within its pages the reader will find a clear and faithful rendering of these earliest teachings of God, a spiritual treasure which remains ever-new and dynamic and largely still unknown except to a few Jewish scholars.

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