“Only A Handful Of People Will Unlock The Secrets Of The Worlds Most Powerful Marketing Method"

"Will YOU Be One of Them?”

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From the desks of: Alan R. Bechtold &
Marc & Terry Goldman

Monday 6:47 PM

Dear Friend,

It’s quite scary when you think about it.

Less than 1% of the world’s population has the knowledge they need to become wealthy beyond their wildest imagination.

This means that less than 1% of the world is able to:

  • Take proper care of their family.

  • Afford whatever their hearts desire.

  • Live the kind of life they deserve.

What’s even scarier is this… every single person who is in financial straits out there; every person that can’t provide for their families needs; every single person who doesn’t have everything they want right now… is suffering needlessly!

Do you know that everything you want, everything you could ever dream about getting:

  • All the money in the world

  • All the time to do everything you’ve ever imagined

  • All the best things for your family members

is right within your grasp.

It's Time To Grab The Bull By The Horns

Most people sit around their whole lives wishing they could change their fortune.

Only a very few are able to wrap their hands around the elusive brass ring.

What is it about these people that gives them the ULTIMATE control over their own destinies?

Is it something in their DNA?


Is it something in their education?


Is it something in the food they eat?

Absolutely not!

The common thread among well over 99.999% of the world’s most successful men and women is this:

They know how to leverage off of OTHER PEOPLE to get more of what they want out of life!

It’s true…

The worlds richest, most successful people often started with nothing more than an idea, a dream or a tiny little flicker of hope in a business that they pulled up by their own bootstraps.

When they learned how to leverage other peoples time, money and expertise to get more of what they wanted they literally uncovered an oasis in a sandstorm!

In short…these people have all unlocked the secrets of and mastered the greatest marketing method of all times.

It’s gone by many names in the past:

Strategic Alliances

Call it whatever you want, we prefer to call it Joint Venturing.

Whatever names you slap on it, the fact remains – since the dawn of time, Joint Venturing is the most powerful and easiest way to make a fortune!

And yet…

Only A Very Few People In The World Know How To Do It Right!

It’s quite true you know. There are very few people who understand Joint Ventures and their almost MAGIC power to create fortunes out of AIR!

Ask Bill Gates.

Ask Michael Dell.

Ask Ross Perot.

Ask Jay Abraham.

Ask Mike Enlow.

Ask Us!

That’s right, us - Alan R. Bechtold and Marc & Terry Goldman. We put ourselves in such esteemed company because we all learned a long time ago how to create our fortunes from nothing using Joint Ventures.

Alan started his business in 1983. For years, working part-time, in the basement of his home. It seemed like forever, but it finally started generating a small profit. There were setbacks. It was a constant struggle.

In the beginning, owning a business was nothing like he dreamed it would be!

Then he discovered the secret of Joint Ventures. It was if a switch had been flipped to the “on” position in his head. Finally, the lights were on. He could easily find his way. True success was, finally, within his grasp!

Using what he learned, he was able to put together a Joint Venture deal in 1997 that generated more than $11 million in sales in just four short years!

Since that day, he’s built his entire business around the power of Joint Ventures. It’s generated another $4 million in sales – and they’re steadily climbing!

Now he lives in a new 5800 square-foot home high atop a hill overlooking the entire city and drives an imported luxury car.

Marc & Terry started their business out of college. With dreams of wanting to spend all their time together and having the money they needed to fulfill their dreams of helping as many animals as they could, they set out to make money in direct marketing.

And they quickly found out just HOW MUCH money it cost to invest in advertising and direct mail pieces.

Soon, up to their eyeballs in debt, they discovered the Internet and started an eCommerce software company. They soon found themselves in the same predicament as before – sinking tons of money into UNPROVEN advertising methods. They almost went under until they discovered the Joint Venture.

Using this amazing ZERO RISK concept, they grew their business to the point it’s at today: doing 7 figures in sales annually and on track to surpass that in 2004.

There’s Room At The Top For You But You Have To Know A Few Things First!

Look, our success stories make us happy and make our families proud but that’s not why you are here and we know that.

Since you made it this far in the letter, chances are you want to find out just how Joint Ventures can help you and your business (or your dreams of owning a business).

Right now, we can tell you that your desire to read this deep into the letter will take you very far. But, only so far.

You see – there’s a lot that goes into doing Joint Ventures.

There are subtle little nuances that can make and break deals, tricks and techniques that take years of trial and error to master and little slip-ups that if you make could literally cost you your shirt!

It took us years to discover everything we know about Joint Ventures. And trust us – we are still learning every single day.

We suffered through years of working dead-end jobs. Trying and failing to get something off the ground. Then, failing again. Struggling to keep up with the bills as we pulled back, licked our wounds, and built up the strength to try again.

Now that we’ve learned the secrets of Joint Venturing, it’s sometimes hard to imagine why more people aren’t enjoying the same kind of success in life that we now enjoy.

Believe us -- the secrets to true success with Joint Venturing are simple.

Much easier than you would ever imagine – if you have the right information.

If you follow all the steps in the correct order.

It’s kind of like stacking a tower of building blocks. The task itself isn’t difficult. It’s not hard work at all. The steps are easy -- you just set one block on the other, in the right order, and keep building

But – place the wrong block the wrong way and it can all come crashing down!

They Don’t Teach This Stuff In School

When the three of us get together over a cup of coffee and talk about our similar experiences, we often wonder why – since Joint Venturing is the world’s easiest way to acquire wealth - they don’t cover this stuff in college.

Oh heck they should be teaching this from kindergarten!

The fact is, the system is setup in such a way as to keep the majority of us down. To keep this kind of wealth building knowledge out of your hands, out of your reach.

It’s meant to keep the majority of people as have-nots.

That’s just plain wrong!

And since we all feel so blessed with what life has given us, we kind of feel that we owe a debt to society.

We feel that since the system is setup to keep this information from you and keep you a slave forever, it’s up to us, and a few of our friends, to help you break the chains of bondage!

We Can Help Because
We've Done It Before…

That’s right. Last September, the three of us gathered our closest allies who just happen to be some of the smartest marketing minds on earth and put on an event that will go down in history:

“The Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century”

The first-ever JV Summit was held September 5, 6 and 7, 2003, in Kansas City, Missouri.

More than 60 of our closest clients were smart enough to seize the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about Joint Ventures from a total of 15 experienced marketing professionals.

The event was a roaring success. Virtually everyone who attended was changed forever. Dozens of deals were worked during the Summit, between the attendees and each other, and between the attendees and our marketing friends.

Since the first JV Summit, we think it would be safe to say literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenues have been generated as a direct result.

Deals involving many more tens of thousands of dollars are in the works right now!

You don’t have to believe us! Just click the link below and listen to what our the attendees had to say about the first-ever Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century:

Click Here For Testimonials From The First Event

And It’s Time To Do It Again!

You read that right. The first JV Summit was such a huge success we simply HAD to do it again!

Now YOU can have the chance to master every nuance, every secret, from the world’s very BEST Joint Venture masters, to work with them personally during the event and in the months that follow, to ensure your success.

You don’t have to sit at home and fret over having missed your chance. And…

…this time, it’s going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

We can’t wait to tell you all about what we have in store for you at…

The Second Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century!

First, we feel the need to explain…

You see – the JV Summit isn’t simply another seminar, or “boot camp.” That’s not what we set out to do. There are already more than enough of those kind of “huge” events to choose from.

We were determined to make the JV Summit something truly different. Unique. An indispensable resource attendees would want to come back to again and again, to learn more, meet new potential Joint Venture partners, and present their own new Joint Venture offers.

We created the JV Summit to be YOUR Joint Venture Master Mind Group. A gathering of people just like you, from all kinds of backgrounds, with all levels of experience. A place where you can meet, exchange ideas, learn the art of Joint Venturing, and then put what you’ve learned to work…on the spot…before the Summit was over.

And that’s exactly how it turned out! In fact – it turned out so well many wondered how we could ever duplicate it with another event!

But we would never be happy merely duplicating the first event. Far too many seminars and “boot camps” feature the same speakers over and over again, time after time, covering the same ground every year.

You go to one and you’ve seen everything and learned all you can.

Instead, our goal was to put together a second JV Summit that would blow the first one out of the water!

We wanted to make our second event every bit as relevant to our past attendees as the first one – presenting more advanced material and featuring a huge assortment of new Joint Venture opportunities.

We also wanted to make absolutely certain that new attendees would learn everything they needed to know about Joint Venturing, from the ground up!

Toward that end, we decided our second JV Summit should include some of the marketing friends we had at our first Summit.

And a BUNCH of new Joint Venture Masters!

This way, we could show everyone how Joint Ventures are done, from beginning to end. And we could make certain there are plenty of NEW tips and tricks, ideas and implementations that weren’t presented the first time.

After all, Joint Venturing is a lot like chess. The moves are very easy to learn and, once you know them, you can start playing right away.

But you can spend a lifetime mastering the game!

Perhaps you’ve heard about Joint Venturing before. A lot of seminars and “boot camps” have suddenly started adding a Joint Venture element to their one-size-fits-all approach.

Especially after word of our first JV Summit got out.

With Joint Venturing, you can start from scratch or rebuild an existing business. ANY business. In less than half the time it would ordinarily take and without using any of your own money! It’s truly the key to zero-risk success.

At the Second Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century, you’ll learn everything you need to start putting together WILDLY SUCCESSFUL joint ventures of your own, like a seasoned professional.

Our amazing faculty will lead you through the process.

You’ll not only learn everything that goes into a JV; you’ll have access to Joint Ventures that work, you’ll work with the experts to critique your JV ideas, you’ll actually prepare joint venture proposals; and you’ll walk out of our event with a MINIMUM of two Joint Venture deals in-hand, ready to start working for you as soon as you return home.

Why Should You Come To A Seminar That Just Covers Joint Ventures?

With all the seminars that exist right now, you may be wondering how we can put on a seminar just about Joint Ventures?

Look the fact is Joint Ventures are how we built our businesses. Every one of our faculty members points to Joint Ventures as the SINGLE MOST Powerful tool in their marketing arsenal!

Why on earth would you want to waste your time focusing on methods that may make you a trickle of money here and a trickle of money there, when you can learn how to MASTER a ZERO-RISK technique that works for every single business, no matter what it is, every single time.

That’s right we said ZERO-RISK. The fact remains that Traditional Advertising methods are risky. Very risky. Many people have put themselves out of business quick by testing out the latest internet tactics and guess work that is taught at other seminars.

Joint Ventures work every time!

As long as they are done right.

And to be done right, you have to learn from experts who not only talk the talk, they walk it…every single day of their lives!

Most other seminars are led by faculty who are “pseudo-experts”. These pseudo-experts woke up one day and decided they were experts in direct mail. Then they become experts in internet marketing. Then the next trend in internet marketing comes along and they are experts in that.

As a matter of fact, after we started talking a LOT about Joint Ventures, we noticed a whole new crop of JV experts appearing on the scene.

Trust us, if they aren’t speaking at the JV Summit of The Century, they aren’t Joint Venture Experts.

The faculty that will be at the JV Summit to train you in every aspect of Joint Venture Marketing are the real deal.

True JV experts who make 6, 7 even 8 figures a year and most, if not ALL of their income comes from Joint Ventures.

Take A Look At Your Faculty:

Jeff Paul

Jeff Paul is the originator of the “mail order” niche market info products businesses you now see everywhere. Began from his home, in his underwear, over $100,000 in debt on credit cards, in 1991, and took a $1,000 a month mail order business to over $150,000 a month in less than one year, in one niche market.

Jeff took that experience and replicated his success in another niche in which Jeff knew nothing to begin with, which was his first adventure in Joint Ventures. Jeff has sold over $30,000,000 worth of products from his 400 square foot office over his garage.

His clients/licensees and students have used his “Make Money In Your Underwear” system of niche info product marketing through direct marketing to sell well over $100,000,000 worth of info products. Jeff has done two successful infomercials, one selling over $40,000,000 worth of golf videos and $7,000,000 worth of golf club sets that sold for over $6,000 a set from a 24 page sales letter that went out with the videos, that had no pictures or endorsements. (The putter was $455 extra.)

His “Make Money In Your Underwear” infomercial has run on and off for over six years, and has sold over 50,000 courses, and taken in over $15,000,000 so far. Jeff also sold 161,000 financial organizers for $4,500,000 on QVC in 2002 until he got knocked off, and knocked off the air by Suze Orman. Jeff’s one of the driving forces in direct marketing, both selling ,and teaching countless people the art and science of selling ridiculously, even obscenely high priced and high profit products with 100% ethics and honesty. For the last five years, Jeff and his partner, Jim Fleck have been innovators in the linkage between the off-line and on-line money making worlds.

Jim Fleck

Jim Fleck is a very unusual guy because he’s a not a geek or tech head, yet is an award winning technology expert…who actually has a personality and understands direct marketing and human psychology as it applies to selling high priced, high margin products off and on-line.

In his previous business life, Jim had a computer consulting business that designed automated systems for big organizations like MCI, Acxiom, Arthur Andersen, AT&T;, Great Western Bank, Quaker Oats, The U.S. Navy, U.S. and Canadian Governments, and many others, billing them $300 an hour.

But Jim, being an entrepreneur and horrible corporate person, decided to go off into the world of home based direct marketing. Jim’s built and sold several niche marketing businesses modeled after Jeff’s “underwear” model, and has become a niche marketing consultant, licensor, Internet expert and software creator.

Jim and Jeff have worked together on several projects, including the latest version of the “Make Money In Your Underwear infomercial”, the CD Organizer companion to Jeff’s Financial Organizer sold on QVC and the amazing, upgraded version of their “Instant Profits! 2004” Automated Direct Marketing Software.

Michael Green

Michael Green isn’t like any other Internet Marketer we know. In just two years he’s built his online HowToCorp business from scratch, by personally developing 15 toolkit products for purchase and download over the web. In addition he’s established what has now become the world’s largest internet marketing forum at http://www.howtocorp.com/forum (and his site is now ranked within the busiest 1800 on the worldwide web).

Now achieving all of this in two year might seem like a miracle, but there’s a twist. Well two twists actually…

The first thing to know about Michael Green is that internet marketing is NOT his full time job. He already owns an unrelated offline printing business in London. In fact, he only runs his online business ONE-DAY-A-WEEK and that includes both the marketing AND product development!

So imagine developing 15 products, creating a mega online business such as HowToCorp, only working at it one day a week and professionally moderating the world’s largest internet marketing forum! We’re struggling to understand how he does it too.

But we mentioned there’s a second twist…

In addition to all of the above, Michael is also pursuing a full-time career in Public Service, which he says actually takes up MOST of his time.

Okay, we’re intrigued Michael – just how do you fit all of that in?

Well, for one thing we know that Michael has never shared his secrets in person, in public before. You heard us right. He’s turned down repeated requests to be a speaker at internet marketing conferences and boot camps. We should know. We’ve asked him before and he’s said no. In fact, he even said no when we first approached him to be a speaker at this 2nd JVSeminar. So, you can imagine our delight when we received a single line email saying that he’s so impressed with what we’re putting together here that he would agree to speak in person for the first time ever.

Michael has actually recently given a brief glimpse of how he fits everything in by releasing some of his precious Time Management secrets in http://www.HowToManageYourTime.com and it’s available for free download.

But there’s one last thing that you’ll discover about Michael Green when you meet him and that’s that he isn’t who you think he is!

All the way from the UK, this multi-million dollar marketer is one guest that we know you’re really going to enjoy meeting at the Joint Venture Summit II.

Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is the author and publisher of the best selling Home Study Course QuickStart Introduction to Secured Government Tax Liens and Deeds. This nationally recognized Learning System has been carefully evaluated and chosen by over 72,000 qualified buyers. Ted Thomas is considered the authority and source of more information and training programs for Tax Lien and Deed Investors than any other publisher in the world.

He is also considered to be one of the worlds foremost Joint Venture experts, using primarily JV's to promote his business.

Ted is the producer and director of the award winning video and audio learning system and advanced course for professionals and investors titled, “Serious Money,” which reveals how professional investors reap profits from Tax Liens and Deeds. This Advanced Course is sold internationally in 4 countries as well as domestically.

Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner has created numerous autopilot businesses selling exclusively as an affiliate for other people. Last year, Rosalind generated over $436,797 in commissions selling other people's stuff online. She sells everything from dating services... to watches... to webmaster tools!

In fact, Rosalind often makes more as an affiliate than most of the business owners she sells for - and she does it all without creating or selling products of her own!

Her very popular ‘Net Profits Coach’ newsletter is published weekly and is available free of charge.

She is also the author of the runaway best-selling ebook, "The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online", co-author of the "Affiliate Business Blueprint", and is recognized around the world as a leading authority in affiliate marketing.

Rosalind splits her time fairly equally between Toronto, Ontario, the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. She plans to add a small village in Mexico to that list in the near future.

TJ Rohleder

T.J. Rohleder is the marketing genius behind the wildly successful M.O.R.E., Inc. Starting with a few hundred dollars he scraped together by selling one of his carpet cleaning service vans, he and his wife, Eileen, built an empire that brought in over $10,000,000 in its first 4 years. He’s earned millions since then and, today, his company generates roughly $1.4 million in sales a MONTH!

He, along with Alan R. Bechtold, were among the very first to ever mention the Web in the context of a business opportunity. Before that, they were talking about making money with "Dial-Up Computer Bulletin Boards!" They were literally selling electronic marketing BEFORE there was a Worldwide Web! If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, you WILL pay attention to this amazingly successful man!

Appearing alongside TJ will be Chris Lakey, the man responsible for the incredible success of tying the direct mail strategy of MORE Incorporated into the awesome power of the internet

T.J. almost never appears ANYWHERE outside of his own seminars, held only for his own best clients. This will be a VERY rare opportunity to learn from T.J. in person, to meet him and work with him one-on-one!

Shawn Casey

Shawn Casey runs a hugely successful Internet business. He has published one of the best-selling electronic books ever: "Mining Gold On the Internet: A Step-by-step Guide To Quick Cash Flow Online." Mining Gold received critical acclaim and quickly became an Internet bestseller in 2001. The system continues to be a bestseller as Internet business owners grab hold of his "no nonsense" techniques that put cash in their pockets. In 2002, he sold 42,292 copies of Mining Gold, for total sales of $1,909,558.74, to customers in 118 countries (that’s why they call it the World Wide Web!). Over 85,000 copies have been sold to date.

Shawn’s ability to create and share such successful business strategies is unparalleled. His background as an attorney, author, publisher, company owner, corporate executive, public speaker and teacher makes him uniquely qualified. Shawn is now recognized across America as one of the leading financial experts in these areas. He is credited with making and saving thousands of people millions of dollars because of the valuable information he provides.

Shawn will teach you "how to create long-term Joint Venture relationships that bring in tons of money over and over again!" Too many people focus on hit-and-run JV deals. Shawn will reveal concrete examples of long-term JV's that have brought millions of dollars into his company. Then he’ll show you how to make them work with companies large and small.

Bob Silber

Bob Silber is one of the world's most respected authorities on Internet marketing law. He is an Attorney, Consultant, Speaker, Author and Adjunct Professor teaching Business, E-commerce, Intellectual property and Internet law at a major university. His clients include best selling authors, high-paid speakers, the Internet's most successful marketers and up-and-coming business owners

Bob is legal counsel to the Internet super stars. His Internet marketing clients read like a who's who of Internet marketing, and include individuals generating millions of dollars annually on the Net. His most successful clients are names you wouldn't even recognize. Those clients don't want their names known and you will never hear about them. When it comes to generating money on the Internet, this elite group leaves some of the most successful, recognizable marketing stars in the dust.

An Internet marketer himself, he has enjoyed promoting his Web businesses on the Internet for the past six years and publishes the "Bob Silber Letter" at BobSilberLetter.com with over 100,000 subscribers. During that time he has developed and marketed more than a dozen successful informational products on the Internet. Bob is an in demand speaker at all the major Internet marketing seminars and events and delivers an interesting, informative and inspiring program that reveals the surprising and little-known laws for doing business on the Net. Participants have stated that his presentations were worth the price of the seminars alone.

Bob will cover "the legal aspects of Joint Ventures". "What to have and not have in your advertising and Website copy and how both parties in a Joint Venture share legal liability for whatever copy is on the product or service, JV ad copy or Website". This information is invaluable to businesses and would probably cost you twice the price of attending this event alone, if you were to hire Bob to consult with you on this subject.

Last time he spoke at the JV Summit, attendees and speakers alike crowded the room to listen and take notes!

Joel Christopher

Joel Christopher is known worldwide as “The MasterListbuilder” and the best-selling author of “Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel”.He has spoken in front of thousands of audiences in the U.S. and Canada and has shared the stage with many marketing legends such as Ted Nicholas, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen & Mark Joyner.When Joel Christopher started marketing online in early 2000, he was merely an Internet Marketing Beginner or what he fondly calls a “Newbie Netpreneur”. After failing and floundering in his first year online he figured out the truth of the marketing maxim: “Your Money Is In your List”.

He built and grew his own opt-in list to more than 160,000 Subscribers in just 4 years and on the way to that figure there was one period where he tripled his list to over 30,903 in only 99 days. Using email marketing principles he teaches, his book "Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel: How To Build A Massive Online Mailing List By Mastering Offline Promotion" zoomed to the top of the Amazon.com best-seller list just 13 hours after it was published. Recently, he demonstrated in front of a live audience and recorded on LIVE cameras the power of an opt-in list and made $33,398 in LESS than 24 hours!

Today, Joel is on the cutting edge of training and development in the Internet Marketing industry by creating & producing home-based, interactive, hands-on MasterListBuilder Coaching webinar programs and Live MasterListBuilder Hands-On Training workshops held in San Antonio, TX. Joel teaches you exactly how you can quickly and massively build your own targeted email list and GUARANTEE yourself instant profits EVERY month...month after month.

In his LIVE presentation, you will learn his simple yet powerful, step-by-step and fool-proof system to rapidly building your own opt-in list up to huge numbers in a short period of time. In addition, you will also learn how to use your list as leverage in forming joint ventures like he has formed with marketing moguls like Ted Nicholas, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham, Joe Vitale and many other big name marketers.

Russ von Hoelscher

Russ von Hoelscher is legendary in marketing circles. For over 30 years, he has been one of America's top mail order marketers. Now, for the past 9 years, he has also helped many people make substantial sums of money on the Internet. He believes the biggest profits are available when you do business by mail and on the Web! Russ is the author of over 100 books and manuals, including top-sellers like "How To Achieve Total Success" (120,000 copies sold), and "How to Make a Fortune Selling Information" (over 70,000 copies sold). He is truly one of the world's leading marketing experts. Russ currently serves on President George W. Bush's panel of distinguished nationwide experts on "Small Business In America".

Russ von Hoelscher will be talking about "How To Use Joint Ventures to Make More Money In Both Mail Order and On the Internet". You'll discover how to get big results on a small budget. Discover Russ's sure-fire maximum profit strategies that will show you how to get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar. He will also tell you how to get many thousands of dollars worth of "Free Advertising".

Robert Imbriale

Robert Imbriale is an Internet Marketing Expert who has helped sell over $100 Million in products and services over the Internet. He has been published internationally in more than 16 languages. Every month, his articles are read by more than 2.5 million people worldwide. They are published in thousands of magazines, newsletters, and websites. He is an accomplished Speaker, Author, and Internet Marketer.

Robert’s destiny began forming at the age of 16 when he bought his first personal computer. He got his first taste of the online world in 1984 when he connected to an online service known as "Q-Link" which has now become America Online. He began selling online in 1989 when he set up a simple online bulletin board system selling market research reports. Little did he know his computer "hobby" would later lead him to the top of the Internet marketing world as he finished his formal schooling

By the time he was just 24 years old, he had served as Director of Marketing for a national multimillion dollar direct marketing firm in New York where he increased sales by more than $20 Million in just 10 weeks. He served as Director of Marketing for 2 other major direct marketing firms before deciding to leave the corporate world in 1995. Robert combined his years of experience in corporate marketing with his passion for computers and has since become one of the world’s top Internet Marketing minds.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is the CEO of Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in website hosting, custom design services, and traffic generation tools. Many people blossom into entrepreneurs later in life, perhaps after spending a few decades toiling away for a big corporation, or after making a few unsatisfying career changes. Not Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Dr. Lant was what you could call a natural-born entrepreneur. By the age of five, Dr. Lant had published his first article, and by the age of 10, he had started his own newspaper for which he even sold stock and paid dividends!

After excelling in high school, college, and grad school, Dr. Lant set up a consulting practice for non-profit organizations, began publishing a series of how-to books, and produced a syndicated column and radio show for the Business Radio Network. All of these activities launched Dr. Lant into the forefront of the business community and enabled him to make an excellent living.

However, in 1993, Dr. Lant made a radical transition. Persuaded by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Dr. Lant made his way up to Edmonton, Alberta to discuss the potential of what was at the time an untapped business resource - the Internet. As a result of the trip, Dr. Lant started Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in website hosting, custom design services, and traffic generation tools. The company went on to become a huge success and has helped a countless number of people start and manage their own online companies.

Eric Bechtold

Eric Bechtold is Vice President of Marketing for Alan R. Bechtold’s BBS Press Service, Inc. -- but Alan didn't hire him just because he's his nephew! Eric comes from a solid background in business and sales, with a degree in sales and marketing from Kansas University. From there, he went on to work in several leading advertising agencies, including Barkely Evergreen, in Kansas City, MO, a firm recently ranked as one of the five fastest-growing advertising agencies in the country.

He has helped clients such as Hills Science Diet, The Kansas Lottery, La Petite Academy, UMB Bank, Citgo Petroleum, and Well's Blue Bunny Ice Cream develop sales and advertising programs. One of his projects involved the development of a direct mail campaign that was solely responsible for positioning Well’s Blue Bunny Ice Cream in the number one sales position -- above Ben and Jerry's -- in a single year!

Currently, he is responsible for the development of a major portion of BBS Press Service, Inc.'s most recent programs, where he personally manages the marketing efforts of the company's 30,000+ clients.

Mark Hendricks

Yes!... The GrandMaster of the Joint Venture is back for JV Summit II. Mark Hendricks is a business and marketing specialist, author, speaker and consultant. For the last 25 years, he's been using his seven proven marketing secrets in his own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. He works and lives with his wife and son on their horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida.

Using the internet since 1996, Mark's advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide to finally start making money online. And his private membership site, "The Inner Circle Marketing Forum", is where he and other top marketing experts tell all (it's a terrific example of a joint venture that benefits all involved). His program, "The World's Best-Selling Internet Sales Letters" has been hailed as one of the best ways to learn to write profit-producing salesletters.

At the first JV Summit, Mark conducted a Workshop that the attendees and speakers alike were raving about where he showed exactly how to write killer JV endorsement letters. He also held two after-hours limited seating sessions on copywriting that two-thirds of our attendees were privileged to attend (we're hoping he'll do it again).

He recently set up and managed one of the the world's largest and most successful Joint Venture promotions ever with 78 JV partners!... even the most seasoned JV pros were astounded that he could pull this off. His latest project "Top Marketing Experts Tell All" features himself and five other top marketers: Marc Goldman, Rosalind Gardner, Yanik Silver, Holly Cotter and Frank Garon.

At the JV Summit 2, Mark will amaze you when he reveals to you step-by-step how to increase the profit results of your Joint Ventures by 2, 3, 5 or 10 times. How?... by using little known testing strategies that most people simply overlook before rolling out your Joint Ventures. Make sure you're at this workshop. You'll love his no-fluff, no-puff approach and you'll be taking notes like crazy.

Scott Britner

Scott Britner, an award-winning software developer, is on a mission to use his talents and skills to change the world. His first online masterpiece, Headline Creator Pro, is a powerful marketing tool that anyone can master with point and click ease. His latest co-authored product, Crash Course in Joint Ventures (with expert Marc Goldman), is a revolutionary multimedia blend of text, audio and video that increases learning by 500%.

Along with his wife Melissa, Scott used the amazing power of Joint Venture marketing to generate $10,000 in just 18 days to buy digital hearing aids for their beautiful children Tyler and Destiny. Now, armed with Joint Venture marketing knowledge, Scott embarks on his greatest challenge - to raise $500,000 for his Britner Foundation's projects to provide emotional, financial and informational support to hearing impaired children and their families.

With the help of Joint Ventures, Scott will change the world by changing the lives of children in need..

Ken Pedersen

Ken Pedersen writes killer ad copy and direct mail pieces that will make your head spin...and leave your knees wobbling. Not only that, but his talents are mega-effective when it comes to bringing home the bacon -- forcing people to rip open their wallets...frantically grabbing credit cards and checkbooks.

His efforts from a recent JV with fellow "Marketing Attack Dog" and JV Summit faculty member, T.J. Rohleder, pulled in over $21,000 in just 4 short weeks. Ken makes it look so easy -- but he began just like every successful entrepreneur...crawling through the trenches...paying his dues...learning the most lethal marketing secrets -- not only from top 'gurus' in the field...but through 'just doing it'...and getting first-hand knowledge of what really works.

Ken works on projects for clients all over the U.S. He'll be presenting his unique and very successful views on "the right way to create a Joint Venture proposal that makes your prospective partners jump at the chance to work with you".

Plus Your Hosts...

Marc Goldman

Marc Goldman is one of the worlds foremost experts on Joint Venture Marketing. He, along with his wife Terry, started in the direct marketing business in 1994 selling products through two-step marketing. They then moved their business online in 1996 and are now in their 8th year of marketing online. Their main website, www.goldbar.net is one of the top 6,000 most visited sites and is considered by many to be one of the most important places to visit when pursuing a real education in online marketing.

Their critically acclaimed products, Joint Venture Secrets Revealed™, The JV Brokering Mastery Teleconference, JVGold and The JV Mastermind Audio Sessions have helped thousands of businesses succeed in Joint Venture marketing and their members only site The Ultimate Marketers Resource™ provides powerful, easy to use, affordable online tools to help you build, promote & grow your business - all in one place.

Alan Bechtold

Alan R. Bechtold has been editing, publishing and selling information for more than 30 years. He is one of only a very small handful of individuals who has truly been selling information online for more than 20 years -- beginning long before the World Wide Web was in existence! He is also a proven master of the Joint Venture, having utilized Joint Ventures to build his business and grow it throughout his career.

During one short four-year period, a single Joint Venture he put together generated more than $11 MILLION in sales! Needless to say, he's constantly seeking new partners and deals and he's savvy in the exact steps necessary to putting together Joint Venture deals that maximize profits for everyone involved.

These Guys Are The Best But They Aren’t Your Average Gurus

That’s right – not one of our experts is like anyone that you will encounter at other seminars.

Our speakers are the classiest, most professional group of speakers and marketing experts on the planet.

The keyword here is accessible!

At our last JV Summit, you should have seen the wheeling and dealing that went on between our attendees and faculty. There were no egos, no primadonnas, nobody felt like the speakers were “Above them”

As a matter of fact, there was so much interaction going on, so much natural, genuine warmth that many of our attendees told us they didn’t want to leave!

It was like each speaker and attendee was a member of an EXTENDED FAMILY!

Each one of us has attended other seminars before and we can tell you – they aren’t like that at all.

At other seminars, speakers have a giant chip on their shoulder.

They want little or nothing to do with you.

You are just a peon and they are the ‘great guru’ and you should be thankful just to be in the same room as them.

Our speakers are friendly, inviting, accessible and want to talk to you. Many of us end up doing free coaching and consulting right in the halls of the event and we expect this time to be no different.

These Experts Will Be Your Personal Tutors For 3 Power Packed Days!

Here’s just a sampling of what you will learn at the upcoming JV Summit of The Century:

  • How To Use The Miracle Of Joint Ventures To Make Money NOW…Even If You Have No Customers, No Product, Or Little/No Money!

  • How to make more money than you could have ever made on your own

  • How ANYONE can become rich using this ONE Joint Venture maneuver…even if you have zero cash and nothing to sell!

  • The Greatest Money Making Secret Ever! (NOTHING has ever been done to beat THIS formula for making the MOST money the easiest, quickest, with the lowest risk…and highest potential for obscene (but ethical) profits!

  • How to SLASH your operating expenses by 50% or more

  • How to insure you get paid in a JV deal

  • Why the normal so-called “formula” for business success is total bullshit…and what to do instead!

  • The Joint Venture tactic that allowed a former bartender to build a Million Dollar Business in One Year!

  • How to hire qualified employees at little or NO cost to you

  • How to advertise for FREE

  • Why are some businesses so much more successful than others?

  • How to become a full partner in multiple businesses, reaping several solid streams of income as a result, in return for a few hours of your time

  • The most irrelevant thing in business…yet the one 99% of business owners use all the time…costing themselves a fortune in lost profits!

  • How to hire experts to help you without spending one thin dime

  • How to build a multi-million dollar business while maintaining the overhead of a tiny mom ‘n’ pop start-up

  • The ONLY aspect to Joint Ventures that can assure your Joint Venture wealth is permanent!

  • How to turn every customer you acquire into a powerful selling machine

  • What the REAL story is on low pricing no one wants you to know!

  • How to triple or quadruple your return on every dollar you spend

  • The REAL secret of Joint Ventures no one wants to reveal to you!

  • How to create a complete catalog of profitable products quickly, at no risk

  • How to create exciting new products and services that build your reputation and bring you a steady stream of new prospects as you sell them

  • How to scoop up names and add them to your own prospect list like crazy – and make money doing it!

  • The SECRET tools and resources that must be in EVERY JV dealmaker’s arsenal - armed with these, you will NEVER fail at locating great partners.

  • DOZENS of TURNKEY JV Brokering ideas you can step into and make a fortune with

  • How to make it so easy to participate in your Joint Ventures, your potential partners will be biting, scratching and clawing each other to try to get to your doorstep first.

  • The missing ingredient that costs 99% of business owners to lose over half their profits every year, year in and year out!

  • How to choose a good Joint Venture Partner and what you must always avoid when entering into a Joint Venture with someone

  • The biggest mistake business owners make when doing Joint Ventures and how to easily avoid making the deadly mistake!

  • How to setup longterm JV deals that make you a ton of money not just once but over and over again!

  • How to use powerful, proven advertising psychology to have your potential Joint Venture partners literally chomping at the bit to take part in your projects, even at their own expense!

  • The Legal Pitfalls of Joint Ventures – how to protect yourself in a JV Deal!

  • The basic direct marketing formula that always works on your own or in Joint Ventures!

  • How to use software to completely automate your JV business.

  • How to JV with Big Dog corporations!

  • The most important words/idea ever uttered about success in business and Joint Ventures!
  • And much, much more!

Click Here To Join Us At The JV Summit

This Isn’t Just A Seminar Either

Since everything else we do at the JV Summit is different from everyone else, you better believe we have some other amazing things lined up for you.

So, in addition to three days of intensive training from our superb speaker faculty, here’s what you will also get at the Second JV Summit of the Century:

  • Breakfast and Lunch on us every day!

  • Special unannounced bonuses and gifts

  • Networking and Joint Venturing with our speakers and your fellow attendees (many of our previous attendees made deals with each and every speaker there, not to mention the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing with their peers.)

  • The ability to showcase your products and pitch your JV ideas to the entire group (more on this in a bit)

  • Optional night sessions put on by one or more speakers

  • Mastermind groups

  • Your nights free to enjoy our beautiful location

  • Fantastic discounted hotel and car rental rates from our corporate partners

At the JV Summit, we don’t believe in beating you over the head with so much information that none of it sticks. That’s why we end every day in time for dinner.

Then your nights are yours to enjoy the sites of our locale.

However, if you want to keep going, many of our speakers put on optional night workshops and sessions that last years attendees absolutely loved and you are free to attend!

So by now you are probably wondering…

Where is the JV Summit of the Century
Going To Be Held?

The JV Summit of the Century will be held in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada at the New York New York Hotel and Casino

New York New York

New York New York Hotel and Casino’s innovative facades re-create the classic Manhattan skyline, complete with 12 New York-style skyscrapers that house 2,024 guest rooms. These interconnected structures are approximately one-third the actual size of the New York City architecture. The tallest building replicates the Empire State Building at 529 feet, 47 stories. Other icons include a 150-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty; a Coney Island-style roller coaster called Manhattan Express ®, a 300-foot long replica of the Brooklyn Bridge; and a replica of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino™ is an outstanding gaming experience. Unlike any other Las Vegas property, this themed hotel and full service casino re-creates the ambiance and excitement of the Big Apple.

Set against a backdrop of famous New York landmarks and icons that bring to life the charm of Greenwich Village and the excitement of a bustling Times Square, this unique casino puts gamers right in the middle of all the action.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino™ offers a number of helpful services and exciting amenities, including a one-of-a-kind arcade, tour packages, show tickets and a full service business center just to name a few.

We selected this hotel because it’s the perfect location for a truly life-altering experience like the Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit II!

We’re confident you’ll have no problem filling every spare moment during your stay without ever leaving the hotel! But, should you decide you’d like to take a little stroll outside during a free moment…

You’ll step into all the splendor of the heart of Las Vegas! The jewel in the desert. The city that never sleeps.

But Trust Us When We Tell You That Rooms Will Not Last So We Suggest You...

Book Your Room Immediately!

We’ve arranged special Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit II room rates at the New York New York Hotel and Casino – but the block of available rooms is severely limited. They’re sure to go quickly! When the block is gone so is the special pricing – IF there are any other rooms in the hotel to be had.

Click Here To Make Sure You Are At This Event!

What Will The JV Summit of The Century Cost Me?

Ok, lets face facts: straight-up seminars and “boot camps” with half the star-packed faculty we’ve put together have sold for $5,000 and up.

Many of our industry friends have been telling us we should charge $7,500 per seat or even more.

But, because we’ve put together the only event you’ll find anywhere that is truly driven by our desire to work with you, because we’re absolutely certain working with you will increase our profits for years to come, we’ve priced seats at this event far lower than you would expect to pay.

That’s why we’ve priced this event at only $2,797.00 per seat!


The JV Summit Team has put together a phenomenal program called the JV Summit Diamond Club that makes it literally impossible for almost ANYONE to pass up the chance to come to this seminar. As a matter of fact, as a Diamond Club member you can come to two JV seminars a year, get all the video sets of the past few seminars, get onto special coaching and teleconference calls and get a personal mentor as well (that in addition to over $18,000.00 in products and consulting).

Click Here To Read More About The Diamond Club

So how do you join the Diamond Club and how much does it cost? You join by clicking here and making a one time payment of $414.00. Then you come to the seminar (or if you can't make it request a HOME STUDY PACKAGE). After that, to remain in the club costs only $207 a month for 10 more months. But, here's the kicker...

This is a ZERO RISK payment plan system! That's right....here's how serious we take this: if after you attend the seminar or get your home study package, if you find that our help, our training, all our mentoring isn't helping you make AT LEAST $207 a month then simply cancel at anytime and OWE US NOTHING!

Ok, we are going to be very frank here.

It’s difficult planning an event of this magnitude. It helps a LOT to know how many people we can expect going in.

That’s why we’d rather sell all 200 seats quickly.

Early on.

And we want to reward you for helping us!

Act now and take advantage of our Diamond Club special! Get your seat to the Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century II NOW, and only pay $414 per seat!

Only $414.00!

Diamond Club Members Get Treated Like Royalty

We like to reward people who help us out so when you become an Instant VIP you get some pretty amazing perks:

  1. You’ll be invited to dine with the speakers and the first Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century alumni at our special VIP dinner.

  2. You will get to showcase your products and JV deals at our special VIP JV Table. Everyone will get to present their products and services and JV ideas but ONLY Diamond Club Members will get to present on the table!

DO NOT WAIT! Book your seats now! At these prices, less than 200 seats won’t last long. The first 20 will definitely go away quickly!


If you already have a business, or if you have a business you’d like to launch, the JV Summit of the Century II will show you EXACTLY how to double, triple or even quadruple your profits -- with little or no risk to you.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, this event will put you in the PERFECT position to set one up, without all the trial-and-error and risk usually required…remember, Joint Ventures are ZERO-RISK if done the right way.

Either way, you will come away from the Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century with the weapons, ammo and battle plan you need to secure your financial future for the rest of your life and REMEMBER…


If after you attend the seminar or get your home study package, if you find that our help, our training, all our mentoring isn't helping you make AT LEAST $207 a month then simply cancel at anytime and OWE US NOTHING!

But Wait — There’s More!
You’ll Also Take Home the Following


3 Months of Coaching and Consulting Teleseminars

You won’t be left alone to flounder after the JV Summit is complete, instead you will instantly receive a 3-month membership into our private JV inner circle coaching club.

This club meets once a month on a teleconference call so you can get all your questions about Joint Ventures and Direct Marketing answered. We will brainstorm, help you overcome any problems plaguing your business or cover a topic indepth to help you make more money in your business.
(Value: $397.00)


The Million Dollar a Month Joint Venture Transcript

An amazing new manuscript detailing all the insider joint venture secrets of one of the smartest marketers in the world - someone who makes over 1.4 million dollars a month! This information is priceless and I am the ONLY person on earth who has the rights to it. You CANNOT get this information anywhere else! (Value: $297.00)


A 5-year membership to InfoProductLab

This incredible new Private resource gives you all the marketing shortcuts, tricks and tips that are used by the smartest Marketer's online. Here are just a few of the hundreds of tips and secrets revealed in the InfoProductLab Member's area:

  • How To Generate A Constant Flow Of Traffic and Sales With Almost ZERO Marketing and Advertising Costs
  • How do you find hungry markets for your products or services and generate leads and sales every day to make a living?
  • A Sneaky Way To Make Money On Amazon AND Get FREE Leads - Much, MUCH Better Than Their Affiliate Program!
  • Re-Using Public Domain Information and Creating Titles That Sell Books

(Value: $497.00)


A Free Month Membership in The Ultimate Marketers Resource and Robert Imbriale’s Millionaire Club

The UMR is the worlds first one-stop resource for every tool you need to run your online business from anywhere in the world! Get all the marketing, email and eCommerce tools you need to propel your business to new heights of success!.
(Value: $67.00)


The Ultimate Business Building CD

This CD filled to the brim with free gifts, newsletters and products you can resell as your own. This CD is a compilation of bonuses from many of our speakers and some of our guest attendees. It contains tons of information related to Joint Ventures, products you can sell as your own, subscriptions to newsletters some valued as high as $97.00 a year and much more. The minute you get home from the Summit, you will want to dig into this treasure trove of incredibly valuable gifts!
(Value: $177)

That’s over $1477.00 in valuable FREE BONUSES. And you can KEEP the bonuses whether you decide to stay or not. Either way, attend the first day. See for yourself the earth-shaking value of what we’ve carefully put together for you.

If you don’t feel what we have to show you will change your life forever, tell us by the end of the first day and get your money back — and keep ALL the bonuses as our "thank you" for checking it out.

Even if there wasn’t an "Diamond Club" special, even if we weren’t strictly limiting the number of people we are making this offer available to, there is every reason on earth to act quickly! With a maximum of only 150 seats available, they’re NOT going to last long! So...Act NOW!

WE WANT TO SEE YOU at The Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century so we can work with you to change your financial future FOREVER!

Here's Wishing You Ultimate Success!

Alan R. Bechtold &
Marc & Terry Goldman
JVSummit.com, LLC

P.S. Remember, only 200 people will learn how to EXPLOIT the most powerful marketing method ever invented so they can get everything they want out of life. Will you be one of them or will you just sit idly by? If you are ready to take action now, then you have to Click Here to Order Now!

P.P.S The Early Bird Catches The Worm! Remember, registering early guarantees you:

  • A spot at the VIP Dinner where many of the networking and killer insider deals happen.

  • Special unadvertised VIP perks and bonuses.

  • The chance to Showcase YOUR products and PITCH your JV offers from our Special JV Table!

  • A FREE copy of the Videos for the first JV Summit!

So register NOW before the chance to attend this amazing event is taken out of your reach!

P.P.P.S The $414.00 pricing is only available for a very short time. Act now before it’s too late.

P.P.P.P.S This is the tentative schedule for the JV Seminar to help you plan your weekend..

Friday March 19th, 2004

Time Event Speaker
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m Registration  
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
(served in the meeting room)
8:00 am Opening/Welcome...Introduction to Joint Ventures! Alan R. Bechtold and Marc Goldman
8:30 am Presentation Jeff Paul & Jim Fleck
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Presentation Robert Imbriale
12 p.m Lunch
(served in the meeting room)
1 PM Presentation Dr. Jeffrey Lant
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Presentation Shawn Casey
4:00 pm Break
4:15 pm Presentation Ted Thomas
5:30 pm Special Presentation T.J. Rohleder and Alan R. Bechtold
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM SPECIAL “BREAK-OUT” session Ted Thomas

Saturday March 20th, 2004

Time Event Speaker
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
(served in the meeting room)
8:00 am Presentation TJ Rohleder and Chris Lakey
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Presentation Alan R. Bechtold and Eric Bechtold
12 p.m Lunch
(served in the meeting room)
1 PM Presentation Marc Goldman
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Presentation TBA
3:45 pm Break
4:00 pm Presentation Mark Hendricks
5:00 pm Special Presentation Ken Pedersen
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM SPECIAL “BREAK-OUT” session Ted Thomas
7:30 PM VIP Dinner

Sunday March 21st, 2004

Time Event Speaker
7:30 am 7:30 a.m. – Continental Breakfast
(served in the meeting room)
8:00 am Presentation Michael Green
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Presentation Scott Britner
10:45 am Presentation Joel Christopher
12 p.m Lunch
(served in the meeting room)
1 PM Presentation Rosalind Gardner
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Presentation Russ Von Hoelscher
4:00 pm Break
4:30 pm Presentation Bob Silber
6:00 pm Close Marc Goldman and Alan R. Bechtold

Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture Summit of the Century
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