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Sunday, March 28
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Saturday, March 27
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Friday, March 26
- Shamo gets a face lift
- Another Dead Cities Update
- Dead Cities Interview
- Fbos is a rental
Tuesday, March 23
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Saturday, March 20
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IGN rehashes on the old Fallout 3 is dead story by Kharn - at 17:18

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IGN did an article on a number of MIA games, including Fallout 3, Baldur's Gate 3, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Duke Nukem forever, Sam & Max: Freeland police and others. Nothing new, really, but it's nice to be remembered, ey? Here's their take on the Fallout3/BG 3 story:

It's very likely that both sequels were under active development. The most relevant thing here, however, is that Black Isle Studios, as a development entity, is dead. Unless Interplay comes forward with information to the contrary, our best understanding is that Black Isle is being kept as a publishing marque for Interplay's RPG-flavored titles. Given this, even without the licensing tangles, Baldur's Gate 3 and Fallout 3 are dead as they stand.

Our assumption is that Interplay decided that the console-based Dark Alliance games were a better investment than another Baldur's Gate RPG on the PC, which unfortunately left the smaller but hard-core PC RPG audience in the lurch. There are rumors that Interplay is fighting to get the Baldur's Gate PC license back from Atari, but no reason at this point to raise hopes.

It's possible that another developer could take up the reigns on either of these projects, presumably on behalf of Atari, but without lead developer J.E. Sawyer, who is no longer with Black Isle or Interplay, it seems doubtful.

Thanks to Kotario and Briosafreak for this news

Link: IGN article (on page 2, second bit)
Link: IGN Fallout 3 page

GameSpy whores Gaming Grudge for more attention by Kharn - at 18:36

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Now they announce a "battle royale" (wow, original title), between all those games that didn't make it and didn't win an extra life. Fallout 2 is amongst them, and lagging way behind.

GameSpy Ultimate Gaming Grudge Battle Royale

Shamo gets a face lift by Odin - at 22:21

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Our Polish buddies over at Shamo has put up a spanking new design which looks awesome, it's got the retro feel to it (which was what I was going for with NMA).
Cheers Obsydian!

Another Dead Cities Update by Odin - at 21:28

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The Dead Cities mod have had another update, this one is minor. Tom posts about a couple of more weapon animations they have posted and he posted some new screenies:

Looks good guys!
Link: Dead Cities

Dead Cities Interview by Odin - at 21:23

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Battlefield1942files.com have conducted an interview with Ted Anderson, aka Postman, who works on the Dead Cities mod (a Battlefield 1942 mod). Here are some interesting quotes/answers:

god7399: has the team decided on a possible future with Battlefield: Vietnam??

PunkPosteh: Yes. We've decided that we'll be putting out a version for BF42, and then a sort of Beta 1.5 for Battlefield: Vietnam? with some art upgrades as well as some extra vehicles and such.

god7399: how close to a public release are you guys?

PunkPosteh: Fairly close, we're wrapping up player weapons and putting the very last finishing tweaks on vehicles. Our flagship map is nearing completion, and we have a metric ton of model props for future mappers to use (hint hint) heh. Also we're working on our HUD and some voice work as well! The only real time range we can give on release is "soon."
Sounds good, I'm actually looking forward to trying this out.
Link: Dead Cities interview

Fbos is a rental by Odin - at 21:15

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Another Fbos review has appeared on the net and this time it's Gaming Illustrated that have reviewed the game, they gave it an overall score of 72% which still amazes me when you actually look at the review. Here's the final verdict:

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a decent rental for Fallout fans who don�t already hate it and those intrigued by the setting. It can provide some fun, especially its two-player cooperative mode, but it lacks the options and polish of the other action RPGs available.
So basicly it's a sellout, who would have guessed...
Link: Fbos review@Gaming Illustrated

Tim Cain interview by Odin - at 15:50

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Troika Chronicles have posted an interview with good old Timmy (Tim Cain), where he talks about Troika's future and past and also this little snibblet:

Q: Your name became widely known with the release of Fallout and to this day many fans believe that you are the only one who can bring us another "true" Fallout game. Now that the Black Isle Studios at Interplay are closed and Van Buren/Fallout 3 was canned in favor of an action-RPG title for the PS2 and XBOX, many Fallout fans fear that there won't be any "true" Fallout games in the future. Would you like to buy the Fallout license from Interplay to do another Fallout?

Tim: I would like to buy it, but Interplay is not offering it for sale right now, and I doubt I could afford the license even if they did offer it. As an alternative, I would be up for developing Fallout 3 with Interplay.
Auukey, hope that Troika gets more to say than IPLY if they can get this going..
Link: Troika Chronicles interviews Tim
Spotted at RPGCodex.

Fallout 2 doesn't win extra life by Kharn - at 22:12

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After a tough fight, Counter-Strike won over Fallout 2 with Counter-Strike having 7628 votes against Fallout 2's 7490 votes in the "extra life" competition of Gamespy's Ultimate Gaming Grudge. The end match for "Azeroth" is now StarCraft vs. Diablo 2 vs. Counter-Strike.

Link: Brackets

Supermutant.de looking for more scripters by Kharn - at 22:08

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Supermutant.de just posted a news-bit asking for a hand with their mod entitled "Fallout 3". They need two more scripters or they're going to have to drop the project. Those interested should send a mail to "projekt[at]supermutant.de"

Thanks to James for informing us about this

An extra life for Fallout 2? Place your votes. by Kharn - at 0:14

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Despite the fact that I still really don't like Gamespy, it is my duty to point out that Fallout 2 is up and running for an extra life in the final brackets round in the Gamespy Ultimate Gaming Grudge. Fallout 2 is currently way behind Warcraft III (not to mention Chrono Trigger and Counterstrike) for an extra life.

Link: extra life match at Gamespy

Thanks to wb7h for informing us.

Shattered Oasis needs Mappers by Odin - at 21:47

Comments (0)/Comment me

The upcoming UT 2003/2004 mod called Shattered Oasis has lost another member to the gaming industry, so they're in need of atleast one new mapper, here's what it says:

We're looking for at least one more mapper to help us out and be apart of our close knit team. We have many static mesh and texture packages all ready to be used. Basically what we're looking for is a person or persons that can communicate well, eager to learn and improve themselves, and can give/take good constructive criticism to make not only the levels better but the mod as a whole.

So if this description fits you don't wait too long email me today ( toothless@shatteredoasis.com ), and we'll get started asap.
Link: Shattered Oasis

Dead Cities update by Odin - at 21:44

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The Dead Cities mod have had an update, Tom talks about their weapon models being almost done (only one to go) and they've posted some new models for us to see and a couple of video bits:

There's more where that came from.

Fan Made Fallout screenshots by Kharn - at 3:28

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A lot of us will remember the Fan Made Fallout project. They've been faring well, and have released a number of screenshots for our viewing:


Questions should be taken to their forums at http://fmf.knightcommand.net/forum/

Fallout 2 vs Diablo 2 part 2 by Odin - at 21:15

Comments (63)/Comment me

Well the battle has started, get on over and vote for Fallout 2 here, right now Diablo 2 is leading with 78 vs 62 votes.
Link: Fallout 2 vs Diablo 2

Beneath a steel sky 2! by Odin - at 4:44

Comments (11)/Comment me

Yup the good old Beneath A Steel Sky game is getting a sequel, Revolution Software just announced that they're making Beneath a steel sky 2. Here's some info:

Revolution, best known for its highly respected and successful Broken Sword series, registered the url www.steel-sky2.com on March 4, 2004 (see here for details) and Revolution MD Charles Cecil today confirmed with us that pre-production on the title had indeed begun.

"Beneath a Steel Sky is a game that is still widely respected and we are regularly asked when we will write the sequel," Cecil told us. "Beneath A Steel Sky 2 is a project Revolution has been considering for a while, and has stated to move forward on, but we are unable to comment beyond this."
Well I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, too many old games sequels have been scrubbed lately.
Spotted at BluesNews

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