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Weblog - Entry for brad
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25th January 2004
Security at Dulles Airport
Anyone pic up on the weird security problems at Dulles?

On New years, the head of security was found asleep, or drunk, i forget which.

Now, someone had gotten into the room with the P.A. system, took control of the PA system for an HOUR !

Both at Dulles? what a coincidence????
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/2/22 7:59  Updated: 2004/2/22 7:59
SPINE Member
Joined: 2003/10/20
From: New Orleans La
Posts: 49
 Flight 91 and 93 Security for Dulles
I just found flight 91 and 93 were new flights !
They started about sept 8th. !

Flight 91 that day was detained, and many passengers switched to flight 93.

at least 16 people on flight 93 were re-scheduled, if more came from
> flight 91, then how many actually bought tickets for flight 93 in
> advance?
( i have just added 2 to that list !)
18 people now !
> does anyone have a similar list for people who were not supposed to fly
> on flight 93? I would like to compare records.
> I checked the BTS data and flight 91 had a departure time of 9:20 with an
> unknown tail #
> i wish there was a way to track that or find the tail# ?
> What Happened to Flight 91?
> Several of the people mentioned above were originally supposed to be on
> another flight - Flight 91, scheduled for 9 a.m. According to the stories
> above, they arrived early at the airport and got standby tickets on
> Flight 93 - although flight 93 was delayed and didn't take off until
> around 8:42 anyway.
> Looking for more details on Flight 91 I found the following site:
> (just in case
> this disappears I saved it here)
> Here is the significant portion:
> You had posted a few e-mails last month about flight 91 and 93. I have
> a friend who was the pilot of flight 91. The reason they changed flights
> was, when the flight crew boarded and started to prepare for flight, my
> friend had noticed a crack in the windshield, so they grounded the plane.
> They took the passengers and put them on flight 93, but not the crew
> members, that flight crew was saved.
> This means that a number of people (possibly all the passengers on board)
> were removed from Flight 91 and put on Flight 93. If this is the case -
> just how many people were actually booked onto Flight 93 in the first
> place? Was it an exclusive flight just for the hijackers? Why was it this
> flight in particular that had so many phone calls?
> Another significant point about Ziad Jarrah - supposed pilot of Flight
> 93. Nowhere on the Internet does it mention Jarrah booking or purchasing
> a ticket on Flight 93. On the indictment against Moussaoui it mentions
> most of the other hijackers purchasing their tickets
> Was Ziad Jarrah actually booked onto Flight 91 and moved onto Flight 93.
> Is this why the phone calls mentioned only three hijackers?
> ---
> flight 91 comes from Isreal ? (further below)
> -----------------
> this guy actually reffers to flight 93 as 91, guess it could just be a
> typo?...
> The events that surrounded the fourth plane, Flight 91, played out like a
> Hollywood movie, with death and destruction, offset by courage and
> heroism. The people aboard that flight literally sacrificed their lives
> to save the countless lives of so many other potential victims.
> --
> Rory was sitting in a plane at Newark International Airport with Aly and
> her mother waiting for their nonstop flight to San Francisco to take off.
> Monday night, Rory still had been considering the earlier nonstop -
> United Flight 93, which soon would become the fourth hijacked plane of
> the day and would crash into a Pennsylvania field. But Rory settled on
> the next flight, Flight 91.
> She had tried calling John just before they boarded, about 8:45 or 8:50
> a.m. She thought it was odd that no one answered the phone. Someone
> always answered the phone.
> This plane wasn't taking off, though. Soon, the explanation: A plane had
> hit the World Trade Center.
> From the grounded airplane's windows, Rory could see smoke billowing from
> a tower.
> --

> ----
> On September 11, I lost two very close family friends on the plane that
> went down in Pennsylvania. They were unbelievably selfless people. They
> loved their God more than anything. The Petersons (family friends) got to
> Newark airport early and switched their flight from flight 91 to 93.
> Flight 91 was later cancelled
> -----
> Passenger arrested for knife gesture
> NEWARK -- A Chicago man flying from Israel was arrested Wednesday after a
> flight attendant said he alarmed her by drawing the plastic knife that
> came with his food across his neck while eyeing her, the FBI said.
> Yassin Yaser stroked the knife across both sides of his neck "imitating
> the motion that could be used to slit one's throat," FBI Special Agent
> Gary Borak wrote in a complaint filed in U.S. District Court. Yaser was
> arrested about 5 a.m. at Newark International Airport. He had flown
> aboard Continental Airlines Flight 91, from Tel Aviv to Newark.}
> (Bergen Record)
> January, 09, 2004
> Continental Airlines on March 31 will resume its second daily Boeing 777
> nonstop flight between Newark Liberty International Airport and Tel Aviv.
> CO Flight 84, the second daily flight to Tel Aviv, will depart New
> York/Newark daily at 3:30 p.m., arriving in Tel Aviv at 9:15 a.m. the
> following day. The return flight CO Flight 85 will depart Tel Aviv at
> 11:15 a.m. and arrive in New York/Newark at 4:15 p.m. the same day. The
> flight time is approximately 10 hours and 45 minutes eastbound and 12
> hours westbound. Continental suspended the operation of the second daily
> flight on the route in November 2000. The existing daily New
> York/Newark-Tel Aviv flight, CO Flight 90, departs from New York/Newark
> daily at 10:50 p.m., arriving in Tel Aviv at 4:05 p.m., the following
> day. The return flight, CO Flight 91, departs Tel Aviv daily at 11:30
> p.m., arriving at New York/Newark at 4:45 p.m. the following day. After
> it took over TWA, American Airlines halted the daily nonstop service,
> which TWA
> had operated; Delta Air Lines stopped its service after Sept. 11, 2001.
> Israels national carrier, El Al, also operates nonstop service between
> Tel Aviv and the United States.
> =========
> trying to fill up the plane ??
> September 10, 2001
> 1400 : Call Delta Air Lines to check on my flights for the next day. At
> 9am, I am scheduled to fly from NYC to SFO through MCO to keep the fares
> down. I am informed that my MCO-ATL flight has been downgraded from a 777
> to a 738 and is now horribly oversold. They offer to protect me on the
> United nonstop instead. I decline their offer, choosing instead to stay
> with Delta. The flight offered was UA 93.
> September 11, 2001
> 0615 : Wake up call in the Hotel Pennsylvania.
> 0715 : Aboard NJ Transit train from Pennsylvania Station New York to
> Newark Penn Station.
> 0740 : Grab a quick breakfast at McDonalds in the station and board the
> #302 Airlink bus.
> 0800 : Pull in to Terminal A at Newark just as a United Airlines Boeing
> 757, N591UA, is taxiing out to the runway for its flight to San
> Francisco.
> 0815 : Take the monorail across to Terminal B and check in for Delta
> Express 2475 to Orlando.
> 0840 : Boarding commences on Delta 2475. I relax in my seat and look out
> over the New York skyline. Little did I realize that this tranquil scene
> would never be the same again.
> -
> 1145 : Get an Instant Message from Liz. She says she brought the UA 757
> in from SFO-EWR last night. What UA 757 from EWR? I thought it was a 767
> from BOS? Flight 93 that went down near PIT. HOLY SHIT! That could have
> been me!
Posted: 2004/2/19 9:54  Updated: 2004/2/19 9:54
Joined: 2003/11/23
From: Australia
Posts: 18
 Re: Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for Dulles United W

Good find! I've got it bookmarked.

It seems there several mirrors of September Eleven Events were running that day. The CIA, NORAD, and this one says the FAA. Not to forget the breakfast buffet Warren Buffet was running at Offut AFB, Omaha, Nebraska, with his CEO mates, at 7 a.m. which, being central time, was perfect for viewing the morning's Events. Even Emma Brooker Elementary School had its own small mirror in the form of the WH Situation Room Director accompanying the POTUS on his photo-op down south. [Very odd coincidence.]

Who do you think was the center of all the mirrors? The White House Situation Room with Vice-President Dick Cheney presiding?

Then there are the reports that REAL aircraft and aircraft carriers were stationed off shore to ensure that no outside nation would sneak in something of their own while the U.S.A. underwent its paroxysm of self-induced terror.

It's not a pretty picture to think of those mastermind criminals in charge of the U.S.A.
Posted: 2004/2/16 4:28  Updated: 2004/2/16 4:28
SPINE Member
Joined: 2003/10/20
From: New Orleans La
Posts: 49
 Re: Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for Dulles United W
Agency planned exercise on Sept. 11 built around a plane crashing into a building

WASHINGTON In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. But the cause wasn't terrorism -- it was to be a simulated accident.

The agency is about four miles from the runways of Washington Dulles International Airport.

This doesnt have to do much with Dulles security, but interesting though. What the FAA did on sept 11...

Sept. 11 is Sliney's first day on the job as national operations manager, the chess master of the air traffic system. The New Yorker, a lawyer who once sued the FAA on behalf of air traffic controllers, now walks the floor of the center a room that resembles NASA's Mission Control

Now he tries to figure out why an airliner would've hit the building. Just before American disappeared, controllers heard an emergency beacon. From what? McCormick wonders. And controllers can't find a helicopter that has disappeared from radar over the city. Did it hit the Trade Center, too?

Now, during a massive conference call among air traffic facilities, officials in Herndon learn about a third jet that might be in the hands of hijackers: American Airlines Flight 77, bound for Los Angeles.

The jet departed from Washington's Dulles International Airport. It stopped talking to controllers somewhere near the Ohio-Kentucky border. Moments later, it disappeared from radar. Its call letters join the list on the white board a list that will eventually swell to 11.

Over land, controllers can see jets on radar and reach them by radio. But those tools are useless beyond a 200-mile band near the shoreline. The New York center's oceanic controllers must use a complicated system to guide jets. They estimate a jet's position and issue commands to a private company, which relays them to the jet. If the jet doesn't follow a command, controllers might never know

Then, just before 9:30 a.m., a report comes from a controller at Washington Dulles International Airport. She has a jet on radar, heading toward Washington and without a transponder signal to identify it. It's flying fast, she says: almost 500 mph. And it's heading straight for the heart of the city. Could it be American Flight 77?

The FAA warns the Secret Service. Fighter jets from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia race toward Washington. They won't get there in time.

'Get to the nearest airport'

On his way to the office in Fort Worth, Don Carty, American's CEO, talks on his cell phone. Flight 77 has vanished, he is told

At FAA headquarters, less than a half-mile from the White House and Capitol, Dave Canoles paces before a speakerphone.

The head of air traffic investigations, Canoles has set up phone connections with air traffic facilities. As different regions come on the line, the reports of suspicious planes accumulate. We might be at war by afternoon, Canoles thinks. The FAA had better be ready. Already, some air traffic centers had considered evacuating. Canoles told them to stay put.

Now, about 9:35 a.m., he and others on the conference call listen as an official watching a radarscope tracks the progress of the jet heading for Washington.

Canoles sends an investigator who works for him to an adjoining office with a view to the west. "See if you can spot it," he tells him.

"Six miles from the White House," a voice on the phone says.

Canoles glances outside, through a window facing north. He wonders if he and his co-workers are in danger. At 500 mph, the jet is traveling a mile every seven seconds.

"Five miles from the White House."

No way the FAA is a target, Canoles thinks. It can't be.

"Four miles from the White House."

They'd never choose to hit us. No way.

"The aircraft is circling. It's turning away from the White House."

Where? Where's it going?

Then: "It's gone."

In the adjoining office, the investigator spots smoke to the west of the city.

The jet has hit the Pentagon. The time: 9:38 a.m.

Minutes later, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta calls from a bunker beneath the White House, where he has joined Vice President Cheney. Belger explains that the FAA plans to land each plane at the closest airport, regardless of its destination.

Mineta concurs. FAA staffers, following the conversation over the speakerphone with Belger, pump their fists. Then the conversation sours.

Mineta asks exactly what the order means.

Belger says pilots will retain some discretion. All the FAA deputy means is that under long-standing aviation regulations, pilots always have some discretion in the event of an emergency aboard their aircraft. But the secretary assumes the FAA is not being tough enough. "F- pilot discretion," Mineta says. "Monte, bring down all the planes."

In Herndon, national operations manager Sliney receives word from officials in New York: A small plane has crashed into the Trade Center
Posted: 2004/2/16 3:34  Updated: 2004/2/16 3:34
SPINE Member
Joined: 2003/10/20
From: New Orleans La
Posts: 49
 Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for Dulles United WTC
This is older. but important to the thread, if you hadnt seen it, good read....

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 by the Prince George's Journal (Maryland)
by Margie Burns

George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.

The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a ``completion contract" to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center ``up to the day the buildings fell down."

It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998.

McDaniel confirmed that the company has security contracts with the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, but did not detail the nature of the work, citing security concerns. It has an ongoing line with the General Services Administration - meaning that its bids for contracts are noncompetitive - and also did security work for the Los Alamos laboratory before 1998.

Marvin P. Bush, the president's youngest brother, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to fiscal year 2000. But the White House has not publicly disclosed Bush connections in any of its responses to 9/11, nor has it mentioned that another Bush-linked business had done security work for the facilities attacked.

Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in D.C. that was the security company's major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. Marvin Bush has not responded to telephone calls and e-mails for comment.

KuwAm has been linked to the Bush family financially since the Gulf War. One of its principals and a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah, served on the board of Stratesec.

The managing director at KuwAm, Wirt D. Walker III, was also a principal at Stratesec, and Walker, Marvin Bush and al Sabah are listed in SEC filings as significant shareholders in both companies during that period.

Marvin Bush's last year on the board at Stratesec coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Co., one of the insurance carriers for the WTC. He left the HCC board in November 2002.

But none of these connections has been looked at during the extensive investigations since 9/11. McDaniel says principals and other personnel at Stratesec have not been questioned or debriefed by the FBI or other investigators. Walker declined to answer the same question regarding KuwAm, referring to the public record.

Walker is also chairman and CEO of Aviation General, a Tulsa, Okla.-based aviation company with two subsidiaries. SEC filings also show al Sabah as a principal and shareholder in Aviation General, which was recently delisted by the Nasdaq. Stratesec was delisted by the American Stock Exchange in October 2002.

The suite in which Marvin Bush was annually re-elected, according to public records, is located in the Watergate in space leased to the Saudi government. The company now holds shareholder meetings in space leased by the Kuwaiti government there. The White House has not responded to various requests for comment.

Speaking of the Watergate, Riggs National Bank, where Saudi Princess Al-Faisal had her ``Saudi money trail" bank account, has as one of its executives Jonathan Bush, an uncle of the president. The public has not learned whether Riggs - which services 95 percent of Washington's foreign embassies - will be turning over records relating to Saudi finance.

Meanwhile, Bush has nominated William H. Donaldson to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Donaldson, a longtime Bush family friend, was a Yale classmate of Jonathan Bush.

On the very day of the tragic space shuttle crash, the government appointed an independent investigative panel, and rightly so. Why didn't it do the same on Sept. 12, 2001?

Margie Burns, a teacher and writer, lives in Cheverly, Maryland
Posted: 2004/1/26 4:37  Updated: 2004/1/26 4:37
SPINE Member
Joined: 2003/10/20
From: New Orleans La
Posts: 49
 Today at Dulles - security again
Jan 25th
A woman tried to board a flight with a knife and STUN GUN. Just saw it on MSNBC

I never hear news about a different airport, whats going on with security at Dulles?
This story came out 1 day after I posted in this log. WEIRD.

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

search secuity at dulles;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8&q;=security+%22Dulles+Airport%22&btnG;=Google+Search


TSA Chief At Dulles Is Charged With DWI;=&contentId;=A48173-2004Jan1¬Found;=true


Airline blames U.S. security for breach at Dulles


Washington Security Sweep Nets 100
April 24, 2002
A security sweep at Washington airports by US federal agencies ended with 100 people being arrested on charges which include security badge and immigration offences.


There are so many ways to breach security, it would make your head spin," a Dulles Airport ramp worker told the paper
Closing Airport Security Holes

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2002

102 Arrests Made at Dulles, Reagan Washington National Airports
Date: April 23, 2002

Dulles Airport Worker Admits Using Fake ID to Obtain Security Badge

Security Screener Review at Dulles International Airport

Dulles International Airport Worker Arrested