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Wario World (GC)
Also On: n/a
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Treasure
Genre(s): Action > Platform
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 6/24/2003 (USA)
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Good: Classic, action-packed gameplay

Bad: Not nearly long enough

Garlic: Replenishes health; repels the ladies


Score:7.5 (out of 10)

Mario's unscrupulous rival Wario is finally getting his big-time console break, and I'm diggin' it. First off, he's a cool character—Mario's goody-two-shoes antics just aren't connecting with the surly, Grand Theft Auto–lovin' kids of today, so a greedy antihero like Wario should be right up their alley. And to inject street cred into this GC debut, Nintendo enlisted the capable action vets at Treasure (makers of Ikaruga and the epic Gunstar Heroes for Sega Genesis), who've created an inventive, gameplay-rich run-and-jump romp.

As in a Mario game, Wario travels through a wacky 3D world trying to recapture a variety of delightful shiny objects. But this hop-n-bop miscreant isn't afraid to brawl, pulverizing enemies with his fists, smashing them with satisfying piledrivers, crushing them with his ample behind, and spinning them dizzy. The fighting system proves easy, responsive, and intuitive, and it delivers tons of fun. Even though most enemies are unremarkable, kicking the crud out of them never is, and it gets even better during the amazing boss battles.

Wario World has a couple flaws, though. Offering only four worlds with two levels in each, the game ends far too soon. An ill-advised Continue system compounds the problem, letting you restart from the exact spot you die for a measly 50 coins (I had more than 25,000 by game's end). Wario delivers a great time while it lasts and is well worth checking out. Just don't expect a Mario-quality adventure.


Score:7 (out of 10)

On the one hand, I like Wario World. It feels like an old-school 8-bit Nintendo platformer perfectly remade in 3D. The levels are tight, fast, and fun—less about aimless exploration and more about reflex-testing action. But on the other hand, I'm a little disappointed that it's so short and simplistic, and that it doesn't take more advantage of the GC's hardware. Plus, we hardly get to see a hint of Wario's innately evil personality (or any humor at all, really). That's forgivable in light of the fun gameplay, but the game's length and super-easy difficulty aren't. Wario World could've been great—as it is, it's just good.


Score:6 (out of 10)

I'm with CJ on the cool level design, but that's pretty much it. Wario's mindless punching gets real old real fast. Enemies respawn so quickly—move 10 steps and then double back and you'll generally find the pests back on the attack—that pummeling them gives you no advantage. I liked the first two worlds when I thought of them as a platformer with training wheels—just what the Cube kiddies need, right? Well, sort of. About halfway through, the training wheels come off, and your safe neighborhood street becomes an icy mountain road at night—a perilous journey only the most seasoned jumping-puzzle zealots (like, apparently, G. Ford and CJ) will enjoy. Plus, the fiercely annoying boss battles had me fuming, hurling away the controller, and shouting expletives at the screen. WW might keep you entertained—if you like that sort of self-flagellating frustration.

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 nintendofan64 (3/6/2004)
Wario World is a weird game to judge. On one hand you have sweet platforming action and a good sense of humor. On the other hand, you have repetitive enemies which annoyingly regenerate every few se ...
...full review
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soccerqueen11 (11/5/2003)
wario world ( help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
it is sort of a good game but i need some help getting to level 2!!!! what do u do? ps: why do they have garlic as health???? that is stuuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!!!!!!!!!! well if anyone can help me, plz rep ...
...full review
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Release Date: 6/24/2003 (USA) Audio: Pro Logic

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