Timex Page

I am the happy owner of a Timex 150 watch. When I first got it, I was searching for info on wristapps that you can download to the watch.

I didn't find any at that time, but at beginning of June - 98 I made new search and found exactly what I needed. The following links are excellent: 

Configuration programs for wristapps bugfixed on Oct 21 2000, did not work for 150s.
Wristapps bugfixed on Aug 4 2000, for timer too fast with 24 H setting.


 I have also made wristapps of my own (well, actually I modified an existing wristapp called Numpad, wich is a very nice application to have in your watch).

They are made to fit in the program memory set aside for wristapps, ie. you can you use soundscapes as you please.

More wristapps

 These are variations of the stopwatch, with some new feature and more storage!

Drawback is, they use all wristapp and soundscapes memory so only the very basic soundscape can be used!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!