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A Selection of Kurt Marquart's Writings

The Issue of Church Fellowship and Unionism in the Missouri Synod and its Associated Churches
10th Anniversary issue Logia
Lutheran Polity in the American Context
J. Fehrmann and D. Preus, eds., Church Polity and Politics, Lutheran Academy NY(1997)
The Benke Decision
A letter to the editor, The Reporter, October 2003
The Two Focal Points of the Evangelical Lutheran Confession and Identity
Theology and Practice of the Divine Call
Proposed Resolution not to let Status and Privilege Override Truth in the Church
Minority Response to Questions From BHE/CUS Lay Teachers of Theology
Evolution as Voodoo
Putting Missouri Back on Track
Fifth National Free Conference on C.F. W. Walther
The Divine Call into the One Gospel Ministry
Kurt Marquart's Response to Cardinal Cassidy's Address
Congregational Authority: Spiritual and Temporal
Objective Justification

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