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EDO MBM Technology Ltd has designed and manufactured a wide range of store carriage systems for several different end-users. EDO MBM are continuing development of innovative suspension systems and their related technologies for future requirements. Areas include single rack and multiple dispenser technologies, clean pyrotechnic and electromagnetic actuation systems and ultra light to heavy weight store carriage options. These areas are supported by a dedicated design team and extensive on-site facilities to environmental and dynamically test systems including full size pit drop facilities.


The HDERU is a 14/30” Ejector Release Unit that was developed specifically for the Panavia Tornado. It utilises the MACE (Minimum Area Crutchless Ejector) suspension system which eliminates swaybracing thereby reducing frontal area and drag. The HDERU is fitted to the centreline, shoulder and inboard wing pylons and can carry stores up to 5000lb in mass. The ERU utilises a standard over centre lock type and is operated by gas pressure from two pyrotechnic cartridges. The store is ejected via two independent pistons which can be throttled to provide pitch characteristics as necessary.

ERU 151

The 151 family of Ejector Release Units (ERU) are 14” bale lug systems which are capable of carrying 1100lb (500kg) stores. Several derivatives have designed and qualified for use in operational service. The versatility of the design allows the inclusion of 3 standard Zero Retention Force Arming Units (ZRF AU), an Electrical Bomb Fuze (EBF) station, In Flight Operable Bomb Lock (IFOBL) and static points to be fitted depending on the end users requirement. The whole system is based around a novel pyrotechnic/hydraulic ejection system, which provides a pitch stiff ejection that can be full adjusted without the use of specialised tooling. The ejection system provides extensive servicing benefits over normal pyrotechnic systems in that the 151 can be cleaned at first line and requires no further cleaning other than this local breech cleaning. The 151 is already utilised by several airforces and has been cleared for the rigours of a marinised environment.

VER - 2

The VER-2 is a twin store carrier which is already operational on the F-16, it has been designed from the outset as a low maintenance system which can increase the mission effectiveness of a small strike package. It is already cleared to carry a wide variety of stores from 1100lb Mk83 size weapons down to Mk82-Mk81 weapon systems. The carrier utilises two 151 series ERU’s which provide excellent dispersion and therefore accuracy when using ballistic ordnance. The system can be carried on both 14” and 30” centres and is cleared on three positions on the F-16.


EDO MBM support an extensive range of EMRU designs for use on wide variety of aircraft types. EMRU’s provide high life cycle benefits due to their lack on consumables and annual servicing requirements. The carriage capability of the EMRU’s can be from 3 to 3000lb with extensive usage on subsonic aircraft and helicopters.

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